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make homemade spider costumeIt is always nice to have an easy Halloween costume on standby. A Halloween accessory that does not look like you are phoning in the spooky spirit of the holiday is preferable. Sometimes a situation requires an easy Halloween costume that can be worn all day without issue- and that is when we turn to our favorite costume standby, the top hat! Miniature top hats are a versatile craft supply when it comes to costume making, and our newest favorite way to use mini top hats is to Make Your Own Spider Hat!

Although we think that this adorable little guy is festive and fun all on his own, you could easy make your outfit into a full costume by either wearing an all black spooky ensemble, or by making yourself into the “web” that the spider lives in- drape yourself in creepy spiderweb decorations from the party store, or draw a spiderweb onto a t-shirt! A fabric marker would work perfect to draw a dark spiderweb onto a light t-shirt, but if you want the eerie effect of a light spiderweb on a dark shirt, try using a bleach pen! Simply draw on your web shape and let the bleach gel sit, then rinse off! Pair with your spider friend perched on your head, and you will be the hit of any Halloween festivities!

Supplies Needed to Make Your Own Spider Hat:

spider hat materials

Step One:
The first step will be to make your spider legs. Cut 8 pieces of floral wire or pipe cleaner into the lengths of your spider’s legs. We wanted two extra long creepy spider legs so we cut them accordingly, but you could also make yours all the same length.
make spider costume halloween
We wanted to upgrade our spider legs, so rather than leaving them just the skinny pipe cleaners, we topped them with 5/8th inch glitter elastic.
diy spider costume for kids

The pipe cleaner was very easy to glue in place, but if you use floral wire you might want to either use two pieces of elastic to sandwich the glue and wire in place, or at least fold the elastic in half to hold the wire in place.

Step Two:
Once you have your eight legs made, use hot glue to secure them in place.
spider hats activities
Bend the legs into a creepy crawly shape.
spider hat craft
Step Three:
Feather puffs are secured to a loop of string, so to make a longer usable piece of feather simply snip one side of the puff. This way you will be left with a long tuft of feathers- almost like a mini feather boa. Place this over your spider’s legs and glue in place.
spider headband craft
If you want a bit less crazy feathery fluff to your spider hat then you might want to use a marabou puff- we love the over the top curly feathers from the ostrich puff so we used those.  We decided to not have a fuzzy faced spider, but if you want your feathers to wrap all the way around your spider hat you will need at least 2 feather puffs.

Step Four:
To attach hair hardware, either cut a length of skinny elastic or use two alligator clips with the “pinch end” towards the front and the pointy opening facing the back.
make spider hat
Glue into place using the felt circles to secure. If you have more questions about alligator clips or elastic on mini top hats, our simple top hat tutorial goes further into depth.
make your own spider costume
Step Five:
Next, you will begin to add embellishments! Since we wanted to attach our silver spider slider to our glitter bow, we snipped the back of our slider off with a jewelry snip or wire cutter, then attached our embellishment to the bow with hot glue.
simple spider costume spider hats for kids
Play around with more embellishments for your spider. We thought about giving our little guy red eyes or kissey lips (using these adorable rhinestone lips) but just could not decide- so have fun with your spider accessories!
spider hats activities make spider hats
Step Six:
Next, put it all in place! We secured all of our embellishments into place with hot glue.
spider hat craft
Once you are happy with how your spider looks, perch him on your head and hit the halloween parties!
diy spider hat
We think that mini top hat spiders probably benefit from a name and a backstory, so go wild!
spider hat craft
Maybe this spider hat is the perfect finishing touch for an alternative witch who thought that pointy hats were too passe? Or maybe this is the finishing touch for a deranged botanist costume? There is a whole slew of reasons that a spider might be perched on your head- so invent a character and have fun while you make your own spider hat- it is sure to be an eight-legged hit!  If this inspired you to create something in the spooky Halloween spirit, or if you are going an entirely different direction this Halloween be sure to tell us all about it! We would love to see all of the creative costumes that you come up with!



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