Mini Crown Tutorial


We love to play dress up here, and dress up is even more fun with a mini crown! This easy to follow cardboard crown tutorial combines recycled materials with fun embellishments, and this is really a case of anything goes! Are you the kind of royalty that wears gemstones and feathers? Go for it! More of a button and string royal? That is fun too!

These DIY mini crowns can be made with hair clips for longer hair, or with stretch elastic- so anyone can have wear a special crown  that they have decorated! Make a few mini crowns for yourself, or have the little ones help you decorate their own! They can wear their new creations for a pretend royal tea party, or whatever special occasion is most suitable for these diy mini craft crowns!

DIY Hair Clip Crown

Supplies needed to make Mini Crown Hair Accessories:

Step 1:

Gather cardboard rolls of various sizes (You could also recycle empty toilet paper rolls to use for a smaller cylindrical crown!). We gave them one coat of gold spray paint at this point, but they will need more paint once you have cut them to size, so this could wait.

Step 2:

Cut even V shapes from the edge of your cardboard tubes. If you would like a guideline to keep your Vs even, trace a light line around crown and draw a zig zag pattern from this line to the edge, then cut along this line. At this point give an even coat of paint. We used gold spray paint, but a non-toxic brush on paint could work as well.
Mini Crown Hair Clips

Step 3:

If you will be adding elastic cut a small slit on each side of the crown, from the inside out. Feed the elastic through from the outside and secure with adhesive. We used hot glue, but any craft glue could work as well.

Cardboard Crown Tutorial Mini Cardboard Crown DIY

We added a strip of glittery ribbon to the base of this crown to further secure and cover the elastic.

Mini Hair Crown
Step 3 alternative:

Adhere an alligator clip to a felt circle, then glue this to the base of your crown to create a hair clip. Again, we used hot cue for this step, but other glue could work as well.  At this point, it is also an option to add marabou feathers to the felt circle, and nestle the crown into the feathers before gluing.

Crown DIY Tutorial
Step 4:

Embellish! At this point you could add gems, pearls, glitter- the combinations are endless! We love the spary ribbon around the base, or a bed of marabou feathers for a dramatic tough

Cardboard Crown Tutorial

Once your crown is dry, it is the perfect accessory for a princess dress-up party, or even just watching your favorite prince and princess movies. This DIY crown hair accessory is such an easy way to add a touch of whimsy to an afternoon, and can even be a fun craft for a party of princesses. All that matters is you have fun and let your imagination run wild!



  1. i LOVE you….i have been looking for a mini crown tut for my daughters 1st birthday Thanksgiving 2015 and as usual I procrastinated. Then VOILA this pops up. thanks

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