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handmade custom headbandWe have so many new and exciting things going on here at the sunshine shop! We have moved to a brand new location, we are working with other local vendors to expand the selection in our retail shop, and this spring and summer are stacked full of births and weddings! All of these fabulous special events have been inspiration for us to create our new Boutique Headband Lines for you!

Sometimes our boutique headbands have been inspired by newborn babies of friends, family and employees here at the Sunshine Shoppe. Other times we are asked to create custom headbands for special events. We have had the pleasure of creating custom first communion headbands, baptism headbands, flower girl headbands and so much more. All of these provide the sparks of ideas for new boutique headbands! Take a look at some of our latest items below:


Perfect for newborn photography, the birthday girl, or a night on the town for older gals! These Abby headbands are made of two rolled satin roses together with a chiffon and satin flowers with rhinestone and pearl accents.

Boutique Headband Handmade

Check out our website fore more information about the Abby headband.


This girl’s custom headband is the perfect accessory to add to any outfit or occasion for a bit of color, flare and fun! Made on stretchy skinny elastic, these floral print puffs together with matching flowers make the Ava the perfect combination that any little girl is sure to want to wear!

Boutique Headband

More photos of  the Ava Headband are available on our website.


Made of soft cloth material with color coordinating paper flowers and pearls, the Baylee boutique headband has a soft elegant look to it that makes it a must have for any little one. Whether it is placed on a newborn baby on their way home from the hospital, on a toddler for a photo shoot, or on a little girl to wear to school, we love this headband.


Boutique Headbands Handmadeboutique newborn headband  handmade

More information about the Baylee headband is available on our website.


This newly created Dakota headband is so delicate and soft to the touch. Perfect for newborn babies in a photo session shoot or a little girl to wear out, these custom girl’s headbands are made on a super soft and stretchy polyester yarn. Paired with gorgeous crochet flowers, satin puffs, and pinwheel flowers, these flower headbands are adorable.

Boutique Headband InfantAdult Boutique Headbands

More photos of the Dakota headband are available on our website.


Our Farrah headband series is created just for you using bulky yarn similar to mohair which is super soft for newborn baby and toddler skin! Delicate and soft, the frayed look together with pearls and petite paper flowers make this fancy girl’s headband perfect for a baby photo session shoot or a little girl to wear with a special outfit.

Infant Boutique HeadbandsBoutique Headband Baby

More information available about the Farrah headband by heading to our website.


Our Georgia girl’s headbands are made out of our premium rhinestone trim with color coordinating skinny 1/8th inch elastic. Measuring about 3mm wide, these custom designed rhinestone trim headbands make the perfect blingy hair accessory for fun events. Dress up any outfit with one of these sparkly pre-made boutique headbands! Great on a newborn baby as a photography prop or on little ones that are flower girls in weddings to older girls for prom and even adults to match an every day outfit

Infant Boutique Headbands Handmade Boutique Handmade Headbands Baby

Learn more about the Georgia.


Our new Hadley girl’s headbands are so gorgeous, the photos do not do these boutique satin headbands justice. They are made from three flat rolled satin flowers, birdcage veil and a rhinestone pearl button on top of skinny 1/8th inch stretch elastic.  They are great, not only for, newborn photography sessions but also for birthday girls and to simply dress up any outfit.

Child Boutique Headbands Handmade

More information available about the Hadley.


Lace, bird cage veil, and beautiful flowers – what more could a girl want in a custom designed boutique headband? These lovely Jemma lace headbands are beautiful on all ages from baby to adult, and luckily we have four sizes available to allow anyone to wear them! Perfect for bridal, weddings, baptisms, christenings, holiday events, or just to dress up an every day outfit, these fancy flowered headbands are a must have vintage-inspired hair accessory. We have designed eight color options for you to choose from to fit most every outfit, style, and any personal preference.

Child Boutique Headbands

Head to our website to find out more about the the Jemma headband.


Bold pops of color and feathers make our Lucy headband a favorite among young girls. A miniature sequin bow, flowers of varying textures and a marabou feather puff on skinny 1/8th inch elastic make up this new custom made boutique girl’s headband. These fancy girl’s headband is the perfect feathered hair accessory no matter the occasion.

Child Boutique Headband Handmade Handmade

See more photos of the Lucy on our website.


Our vintage inspired Mya headband has been created just for you using beautiful bulky jute-like yarn. With matching feathers, rhinestone flower centers and flowers, these fancy headbands are perfect for any little girl. These custom designed feathered headbands have little wiggle room for stretch and must be tied on. They are absolutely beautiful on babies during newborn photo shoots as a clothing prop, and on little girls for special events like weddings, birthdays, and special outings.

Adult Boutique Headband HandmadeBoutique Handmade Headbands Newborn

Find out more about Mya on our website.


The Sabrina is a vintage look headband that has been made out of a woven multi-color yarn, with sequins in it, that can be worn skinny or wide giving it two different and distinct looks. Soft to the touch, this boutique headband is a must have for any little girl. The netted sequin appearance together with our victorian flowers gives these a vintage look that we can’t get enough of.

Adult Boutique Headbands

More information available about the Sabrina on our website.


Our beautiful Scarlett headband is made up of gorgeous two inch stretch lace with a matching antique diamond button. If you are looking for something with a bit of vintage flare or elegant flare, then this hair accessory is for you. Practical yet stunning, this diamond headband could be used for a wedding or for a prom look or just to dress up an outfit for an evening out on the town.

Boutique Headband RhinestoneBoutique Headband Newborn

Head over to our website to learn more about the Scarlet headband.


These stunning girl’s headbands are some of are recent favorites! Designed with soft mohair yarn, they have a vintage quality to them because of the fray paired together with the paper flower combinations. This boutique hair accessory makes a beautiful newborn photo prop on baby, but it also looks wonderful on toddlers for weddings and older girls for everyday wear too! Super soft, elegant, and delicate, this fancy girl’s headband makes any outfit special, no matter the occasion or age of wearer. These custom flower headbands have little room for stretching, so they are a style that is meant to be tied on.

Boutique Headband FlowerBoutique Headbands Newborn

More information about the Teagan on our website.


Last but now least, the Willow! Our beautiful rhinestone feathered headbands are amazing girly accessories. These headbands are made petite chiffon flower, topped with a beautiful rhinestone accent, and backed with coordinating wispy marabou feathers. Headbands are made with our perfectly stretchy 1/8th elastic. Perfect for newborn photography, the birthday girl, or a night out for older gals!

Boutique Headbands Flower

Check out our website to find out more about the Willow.

All of the headbands in our new boutique headband lines are available in multiple color and size options to fit girls of any age, from infant to adult. Quantity discounts are available for our boutique partners wishing to purchase for resale. We hope you enjoyed taking a look at what we have been working on, and are hopefully feeling inspired for those photos coming up or another special event!


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