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DIY Hair Accessory KitDo you have a birthday coming up in your family? Maybe a baby shower? Are you looking for a craft activity for a group to do at a party that will make lovely gifts for the guest of honor, or will leave every guest with a fun party favor to take home? We have your solution with our  new hair accessory kit! Headband stations are a fun activity for any birthday party or baby shower, and with our new Birthstone Hair Accessory Kit we have taken all of the guesswork out of making perfectly coordinated DIY hair accessories to match the corresponding birthstone!

In each hair accessory kit you will receive a wide variety of supplies, including hair clips, hair bows, elastic, flowers, pins and floral and rhinestone embellishments. All the accessories will be in the color theme that matches the month’s birthstone, saving you the trouble of making sure that you have enough supplies and that they will all match your color theme.  Our hair accessory kits can be used as an activity for a party, but our custom packaging makes them pretty enough to give as a gift to a new mommy for commemorating the birth of a new little one, or even as a birthday gift for a crafty hair accessory lover!

Birthday Hair Accessory KitDIY Kit for crafting

Each DIY hair accessory kit comes with multiple styles of elastic and hair clips, along with a ribbon covered headband and a variety of hair clips and pins. You will be able to create a variety of hair accessories, including fold-over elastic headbands, hair ties, or interchangeable headbands that can be customized with the custom hair clips that you make.  Whether you are making accessories for a newborn, a little girl or an adult, this kit has all of the supplies you need to make the perfect customized accessories.

Baby Shower Hair Accessory Kit

We were able to make 6 elastic headbands, plus one ribbon lined headband- as well as seven clips and pins! Depending on the size of your headbands you may even have enough elastic left over for hair ties like we did.

Even if you are making hair accessories for a little one who hasn’t quite sprouted enough hair yet to sport a hair clip, each kit comes with plenty of elastic to make DIY interchangeable headbands. That way the beautiful hair clips that you have made can be slid onto a headband and worn, and interchanged with other hair clips- but as the little one gets older they have the choice of wearing the clips in their hair or on headbands!

Baby Shower Headband Station Kit Hair Accessory DIY kits

If you are looking for more ideas of what can be made with our new hair accessory kit, we recommend that you check out our instructions on how to use fold over elastic and our interchangeable headband tutorial. Most importantly, we hope you have a wonderful time making your custom birthday hair accessories!



  1. I just bought one of your kits. I’m so excited to start making bows. I have four girls so you can imagine how expensive buying bows can get. The best part is the girls can help me make them. Thank you!

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