Newborn Tie Back Headband Tutorial


baby bow headband  There is just something so sweet about these delicate mohair headbands! They have a dainty and ethereal look, and are so soft! These headbands really could be made to fit any size of head, but we can’t help but imagine these dreamy headbands perched on a sleeping infants little head! That is why we are calling this the newborn tie back headband tutorial-and we hope you love it as much as we do!

Headbands for newborns are becoming quite popular is newborn photo shoot props, and we can see why. Paired with a set of tiny fairy wings and a tutu, or even a simple swaddling blanket, this newborn headband would be  as cute as can be! Make no mistake- just because this headband has a delicate look, don’t think that it is only a special occasion hair accessory! The mohair thread we use in our headbands can be worn year round, and a tie back headband can easily adjust and grow with your little one.

Supplies Needed to Make Your Own Newborn Tie Back Headband:

infant headband suppliesBegin by making a loop in your mohair yarn. Reach your thumb and pointer finger through the loop and pull the long end of your strand through your first loop, forming a second loop as the first tightens around it.


newborn headband bows diy newborn photo props diy newborn headband tutorial

Continue reaching through one loop and pulling the long end of your thread through the first loop. diy tie back headband
Do not pull too tightly, but pull just enough that the old loop becomes a link in a chain as it creates a new loop.
newborn tie back headband tutorial
Continue creating loops until your chain is long enough to wrap around a little noggin’ and be tied in the back. We only made ours about 18 or 20 inches, but you can customize yours as needed- or just make it a little extra longer than you think you will need so that you can make a nice fancy bow in the back!

To create the bow for your headband, wrap your yarn around 2 or more fingers- more fingers for a bigger bow, of course. how to tie a headband bow
Once you are satisfied with the fluffiness of your bow (we wrapped ours about 20 times- do more if your bow is larger or less if you want a smaller bow) slip it off your fingers.
tie back headband
Then pinch your loop of thread in the middle and tie a knot.
newborn headband props
Find the center of your yarn chain and tie your headband in place.
newborn headband bows
Trim the excess thread once your have tied your headband in place.
infant headband bows
Optionally, you could add a flat backed pearl to the center of your bow to add a bit of shiny sophistication to your little headband. You could even skip the bow altogether and add a few paper flowers to really make a special statement!
newborn headband bows
One thing to keep in mind as you make a tieback headband- the chain does not have to be perfectly spaced. In fact, the uneven spaces add more character and just enhance the beautiful handmade headband feel! However, if you notice that your stitches are way too tight or too loose, it is easy to go back a few steps in the middle. Simply pull on the long tail of your loop until each of the offending loops come undone, then loosen the last loop on the chain and start over.
newborn headband bows how to make an infant headband
That is all there is to it! The techniques in this headband tutorial are fairly simple, but they come together to make a lovely, versatile little headband.  You can whip up and entire set of matching headbands in no time! We just love that this can grow from an infant photo prop to a sweet little tie back headband for a child of any age! Will you be giving this newborn tie back headband tutorial a try? Let us know in the comments below- as well as any feedback or questions you might have!





  1. Hi I bought some flat backed pearls to put on, which I will need to glue on, what sort of glue would you recommend, I have some flowers coming aswell, I’ve ordered some wool and I’m going over my Mums Friday afternoon and she is going to help me. Thank you 🙂

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