No Sew Adjustable Bow Tie


no sew adjustable bow-tie

Have you been looking for a way to dress up a fancy or formal outfit? Any excuse to wear a bow-tie is a good one- but there is no need to wait for a special occasion! Today we will show you that is so easy, you will want to make an adjustable bow tie for every outfit in your family’s closet!

The bow tie has really come back into fashion for young and old alike- and for good reason! It instantly makes an outfit polished and put together- and can be a way to add a fun pattern to a plain button up shirt. Tying a bow tie can be too complicated for those quick outfit changes that sometimes need to happen, so why not try your hand at our adjustable no sew bow tie tutorial today- it may be hard to stop at just one! If you have ever made an adjustable headband before, this method is basically the same.  Either way, read on to find out just how easy making your own adjustable bow tie can be!

Supplies Needed:

no sew bow tie tutorial

Step 1:

Start by measuring your neck and cutting your elastic to size. You will need to add at least an inch for gluing allowance, plus a few more inches to allow for sliding and to be adjusted to a larger size. For our infant sized adjustable bow tie we used 18 inches of elastic- this allowed it to be quite loose slipping over the head, but was able to be adjusted to sit easily on the neck.

Lightly singe both ends of the elastic with a lighter or candle flame- just melt the ends enough to avoid fraying. Thread the elastic through the back of the double-loop piece of the bra slider, over the center bar, then out the bottom- like below:

adjustable bow tie diy

Step 2:

Loop the “tail back on to itself, and secure to the back. We like to use hot glue due to the lack of drying time. Fabric glue can be used as well, but will need more time to cure.

no sew adjustable bow-tie diy

Step 3:

Next, thread the unfinished end of your elastic through the circle and loop back so the wrong sides of the elastic are together.

no sew adjustable bow-tie how to

Step 4:

Thread through the double loop piece of the bra slider, again going “under-over”- coming from the back and going over the center bar and out the bottom. Pull this piece through to give yourself a few inches of tail.

no sew adjustable bow tie

Step 5:

Bring the unfinished tail through the single circle piece and loop through, securing it to itself.

no sew bow tie how to

Step 6:

Add your corresponding tuxedo bow to the side of the elastic that does not move- the last end that was secured to the circle. This way it will cover  the circle opening of the bra slider without impeding the sliding action of the elastic.

no sew bow tie diy

Now it is time to show off!

no sew adjustable bow tie

There are endless combinations of elastic and bow ties in the sunshine shoppe, so it is possible to make an adjustable bow to for any occasion! We know that any birthday boy would love to have a special handmade bow tie for his big day. No sew bow ties are also the perfect accessory for a first communion or baptism, and could easily be made in wedding colors for a little ring-bearer to wear. We hope the little guys in your life love these adjustable bow ties as much as we do!


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