No Sew Lace Headband


lace headband tutorialIs there anything prettier than beautiful lace? Maybe a few rhinestones for good measure? There is something so simple yet elegant about a beautiful adult or baby lace headband- but no one will ever guess how simple they can be to make!  In no time you can make an applique headband and be ready to look amazing! This no sew lace headband  can be perfected for any occasion- you can add striking embellishments to make a lace bridal headband, or create a classic baby lace headband with a few beautiful embellishments!

Lace elastic headbands are a beautiful way to achieve an exquisite vintage look- and you can soften the blow to your wallet when you make a vintage lace headband yourself! Although the method behind making this style of DIY lace headband is similar to the method used to make many of our DIY elastic headbands, it is hard to argue with the versatile appeal of the end results.

Supplies Needed to Make a No Sew Lace Headband:

lace headband diy tutorial

Step One:
First, cut your lace to size. If you have questions regarding headband sizes you can consult our headband measurements blog post. Be sure to leave an extra half inch “glue allowance” so that when the ends overlap your headband will be just the right size. Glue one lace end to your felt circle, right side up. The right side of the lace will be slightly more detailed and shinier than the backside.
no sew lace headband

Step Two:

Loop your lace around so that the second end will meet the first end. Take care not to twist your lace, and make sure this side has the “right side” facing up as well. Overlap and glue in place.
lace headband elastic

Step Three:

Add your embellishments and You now have a very basic lace headband that you can embellish to suit your occasion! Be sure to add any flowers, bows, appliques, or other embellishments right over the spot where your lace comes together in the loop – doing this is sure to hide that overlapping seam to give your lace headband a completely finished and flawless look.

no sew lace headband make vintage lace headband

lace bridal headband make an applique headband
We love the look of these No Sew Lace Headbands, whether they are embellished to the nines for a lace bridal wedding headband or left as a more classic statement! Whether you are adding feathers, flowers or rhinestones- the choice is up to you!


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