No Sew Mini Bunting


Need a quick way to make any small project just a little bit more festive? Round up some ribbon or print elastic and give this no sew flag bunting tutorial a try! It is so easy to whip up that you will find yourself wanting to dress up everything. This mini bunting is the perfect project to decorate a page in a scrapbook, invitations, or can be a fun and unique cake topper.  This DIY mini flag bunting will make any dark corner that much more cheerful!

The variety of uses for this DIY mini bunting is as endless as there are colors and varieties of ribbons and elastic out there! If you want an eclectic look, you can gather some scraps of ribbon or elastic and cut them to size. If you would like to make a larger quantity to decorate cards or to use as garland, we have a wide variety of colors and prints to choose from. The flexibility of the elastic makes it an especially useful decoration that can fit any space and look adorable. If you are looking for something a bit more sturdy, try making this adorable bunting garland out of our colorful felt craft circles!

Mini Flag Banner tutorial

Supplies needed to make Mini Flag Banner:

No Sew Mini Flag Banner

Step 1:

Measure the length that you would like your finished pennant bunting to be.  Remember to leave enough allowance to let it hang and swag, if that is this look you are going for. We also left extra room to tie the flag bunting at each end- though it can also be hung with tape, tacks, or push pins. Cut your skinny elastic (or ribbon) to this length.

Step 2:

Cut your 5/8 inch elastic into 2 inch pieces. These will be folded in half to make 1 inch flags.  We found that it was easiest to lay the skinny elastic in the center of the wrong side of the flag before securing with glue and folding in half.

No Sew Bunting DIY

Step 3:

Once the large ribbon was folded over the skinny ribbon and glued, it was easier for us to trim our pennant flags into shape. We liked the classic triangle shape and the inverse triangle pennant shapes the best. Both were easy to freehand cut with a sharp scissors, but if you feel more comfortable working from a template that is fine. Just trace the width of your thick ribbon onto card stock and draw the end shape that you would like!

Mini Flag Banner

Step 4:

Hang your homemade bunting craft and enjoy!

No Sew Flag Banner DIY
This is where your creativity will be your guide! Is that space around your picture frames looking a little bare? Hang some DIY no sew bunting from it! Have a birthday coming up and you want a fun new cake topper? Glue your mini flag bunting to wooden skewers and place on the cake or even decorate your birthday invitations with it! Use your mini pennant bunting banner to decorate any papercraft, or brighten up that corner of your house that just needs that extra little pop of color and fun.


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