No Sew TuTu Tutorial


There is nothing more enchanting than a little girl playing dress up. We absolutely love to watch their imagination come alive! With exactly that sense of fun and wonder, we wanted to put together a fast but adorable No Sew TuTu tutorial! Whip one up today and watch the eyes of the little girl in your life light up with excitement!

Once you see how easy it is to put together this no-sew tutu, we don’t blame you if your are tempted to use this as a jumping off point for many different costumes! With green or blue tulle this could be the perfect DIY fairy tutu- just add wings and a wand! Or with pink tulle this could be the base of a lovely princess dress- just add a tiara and costume jewelry.  These tutus are the perfect jumping off point for a wide variety of fun outfits! Alternatively, if you already have a necklace or mini tophat that you would like to match, this would be the perfect way to make a coordinating outfit!

Supplies Needed to Make A No Sew Tutu:

no sew tulle tutu tutorial

Step One:

Mark one side of your cardboard as the end that you will start on and begin to wrap your tulle along the long end of your cardboard. The length of the cardboard will be the length of your tutu (minus a bit of length for the knot). We made ours 12 inches, but you could go shorter for a younger girl or make a long tutu for an older girl. Continue to wrap at least 75 times total. If you are doing multiple colors this could be divided between the colors- we used approximately 36 strips each of red and to make baby tutu dressesStep Two:

On the end that you marked as your beginning, slide the scissors between the cardboard and the tulle and cut along the edge. Remove from the cardboard- you should have a pile of strips of tulle that are twice the length of your cardboard. Repeat for second color, if to make a tutu dress with crochet headbandhow to make a tutu dress without sewing

Step Three:

Set your tulle strips aside, and stretch your crocheted headband over the second piece of cardboard. It can be the same size as the first,  but we recommend using a second piece of cardboard in case you need to use your first piece of cardboard to wrap and cut more tulle strips. how to make a tutu dress without sewingmake your own tutu dress

Step Four:

Fold one strip of cut tulle in half and thread the folded end through one of the crocheted holes that is on the row of holes that is two spaces from the bottom. Pull through for about an inch or two then stop and separate the two folded halves to create an opening in the loop of to make a tutu dress without sewing

Step Five:

Once you have opened up the loop in the folded side of the tulle thread the other end through this hole, from the bottom to the top.Pull the loose end of the tulle gently to tighten the to make tutu skirts for toddlers

Step Six:

In the same row as the first hole, thread another folded strip of tulle through a hole that is at least 2-3 spaces away from the first. You want to give the crochet enough room to stretch, but keep the tulle close enough together to make it quite full and poofy. If you are alternating colors, be sure to pick another color. Continue to loop the end through, as you did with the first strip of tulle. Repeat this process every 2 or 3 holes in the same row around the entire length of the to make tutu skirts for toddlers

Step Seven:
Although your tutu dress is probably starting to look very cute, it is not very fluffy with only one row of tulle. So starting two rows of holes higher than your original row, thread a folded strip of tulle though one hole and out through the hole above it. Pull tight and repeat around the entire to make a tutu halter dress

Step Seven:

Once your second row is complete, we recommend repeating again for a third row. Although it is still a cute tutu with two rows of fullness, we found that we liked the fluffy fullness that was achieved with a third row of tulle strips. how to make a tutu dress for kids


Step Eight:

The base of your tulee tutu dress is complete! Take a moment to admire your handiwork! diy tutu dress tutorial

We think it is already adorable, but if you would like to add even more embellishments- flowers, bows, straps, etc- now is the time! We even like the look of threading a pretty piece of ribbon or stretch lace through the holes in the crochet as a cute little way of embellishing the top of a little girl’s tutu.tutu with a crochet headband



Step Nine:

If you would like to add halter straps, it is not difficult at all. Cut your two yard piece of stretch lace or 5/8th elastic in half so you have two straps. Fold each in half, and push the looped end through a hole a few rows from the top. Feed the two loose ends together through the loop and pull to tighten. no sew tutu dress


The two lace strips could be tied behind the neck and worn in the middle as a v-shaped halter. Another option is to add another strap and tie a bow behind the neck in a more traditional halter to make an infant tutu dressHowever you decide to finish off your handmade tutu, we are sure your little girl will be so excited to wear it. This no sew tutu tutorial is really just intended as a jumping off pint- add your own flair and really make it special so that special little girl can shine!



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