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no slip hair clips for toddlersNo one wants to deal with a hair clip that won’t stay in place. So how do we make our hair clips non-slip? It is easier than you think! We are so excited to share with you how to make your own No Slip Hair Clips. It is a quick and easy project that will make your adorable baby hair clips stay in place in even the finest of hair! It works so well and so without effort that it almost seems like magic- and it sort of is! The magic of Silly Grip, that is!

Silly Grip is the perfect solution anytime you want a hair clip to stay in place- but not cause any problems! Silly grip is perfect for non slip hair clips that won’t stick where they aren’t wanted! We use silly grip to line all of the boutique hair clips that we sell, so we can be confident that our clips will work for any hair thickness or texture. Now you can have the same experience with your own hair clips!
how to make no slip hair clips
Supplies Needed To Make Your Own Non Slip Hair Clips:

baby hair clips that stay in

Step One:
First, remove the protective layer from your Silly Grip. Set it aside, as you will want to replace it when you are done too keep dust and frizz off the silicone clip liners. The same properties that make the Silly Grip want to stay in hair also mean it can attract fuzzies, which you don’t want!
diy no slip hair clips
Step Two:
To prepare your clip, first singe the ribbon end to make sure it will not fray.
no slip hair clips
Step Three:
Next, remove one of the strips from the page of Silly Grip.
how to make baby hair clips non-slip
Step Four:
The Silly Grip is already adhesive, so no need to mess with glue or anything. Simply stick it in place on your clip!
nonslip hair clips

For the double prong clips I prefer to put the silicone lining on the top part of the clip, but it is a matter of personal preference. Decide what works best for your clips.
no slip hair clips for babies
That is all there is to it! Add some embellishments if you would like, or even attach your clip to a pretty fabric flower for a unique hair clip that will stay in your hair- and look cute while it is perfectly perched there!
diy no slip hair clips
Want to see more? We have put together a video tutorial on how to make your own non slip hair clips!

If you are looking for even more tips on no slip hair accessories, don’t forget that it is a breeze to make headbands that stay in place with our no slip silicone backed elastic! Any style of headband you are thinking of making can become a no slip headband, thanks to the handy silicone backing!

Now that you have seen how easy it can be to keep your hair accessories from slipping, we hope you will give it a try! If you make your own no slip hair clips let us know how they turn out! We love to hear your feedback!


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