Custom Packaging and Storage for DIY Headband Accessory Kits


We are so excited to show off our newly created packaging for our DIY headband station kits and DIY hair accessory kits. This packaging has been custom designed and made by Sunshine Shoppe for you! From now on, all of our DIY kits (full sized or half pint) will come in this beautiful, sturdy carrying case. This awesome, new packaging‬ will keep your hair supplies neat and organized, with little compartments for each item. Once you are done making all your DIY headbands and hair accessories, the box case can then be used to store all of your made headbands!

DIY headband storage DIY headband storage

Each box comes premade with a sneak peek window to see what is inside, along with separate compartments in the bottom for your supplies, topped with instructions on how to create headbands, which leaves some room on top of the instruction sheet for extra supplies and already made hair accessories. The instruction cards can be taken out and placed on the top side of the open box so that they can be followed along with as you make your masterpieces! The packaging case is complete with a headband size chart and matching pink carrying handle.

headband storage storage ideas for headbands

Easy to carry and bring with anywhere – this new carrying case is not only convenient with all of the compartments inside for your craft supplies but also just to act as a organized storage container for your made headbands and hair accessories. Now, all of our hair accessory and headband kits are the perfect activity to bring with for baby‬ showers and birthday‬ parties or to give as a gift! It is also great for holding all your craft supplies for your own small business. Storing your DIY headbands and craft supplies will no longer be a problem!

storage for hair accessories storage ideas for headbands

These custom made storage cases can also be purchased separately right here. So if you have purchased DIY hair accessory supplies separately and just need a convenient place to store them, or want to give hair accessory items as a baby shower or birthday gift in a cute, storage box then these empty DIY headband kit boxes are for you! Available in two sizes, full size and half pint, these boxes can be used for so many things! The half pint size boxes are about 6 inches x 6 inches x 4.5 inches tall and the full size boxes measure 8 inches x 11 inches x 4.5 inches tall.


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