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We are CRAZY about DIY crafts & DIY girl's fashion here at the Sunshine Shoppe. We publish step-by-step DIY tutorials regularly, so check back often! Our favorite topics include wedding craft tutorials, DIY crafts for babies and children, interesting ways on how to use elastic and embellishments, and of course adorable headbands and hair accessories for both kids and adults!

Crafting for Kids diy ornament tutorial

We are absolutely on board with any excuse for bringing more flowers into our lives! We love fabric flowers on hairclips, headbands and so much more- with the variety of styles and colors, the options…

What's New decorative soap dispenser for kitchen

Avoid the fancy soap dispenser prices and add ongoing savings to your budget! Not only is this DIY Decorative Soap Dispenser a cute addition to your counter, it is also a way to stretch your hand soap or…

Crafting for Kids

No one wants to deal with a hair clip that won’t stay in place. So how do we make our hair clips non-slip? It is easier than you think! We are so excited to share…

Crafting Tips & Tricks diy elastic book band

If you are anything like us, you might have a notebook lying around that was bought to be useful or because it was on sale- but if it is lacking that extra “oomf” then we…

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If you're looking for help or have an idea for us to do for a DIY - please give us a shout! We're always looking for a reason to create DIY fashion or DIY crafts! 🙂 We also love to share what's new - whether it is new can't live without craft supplies from Sunshine Shoppe Supply, newly designed boutique accessories or the newest accessories for babies and children! You won't want to miss our new items and frequent deals! So check out our social media for the latest in crafts and fashion sales!