Paint Swatch Easter Egg Garland


Do you have a pile of paint swatches left over from redecorating? Or maybe you are like us and just collect free and colorful samples because they are fun and you just KNOW they have to be useful for something? Maybe you even did our Easter Egg Domino Tutorial and had paint swatches left over? Well, even if none of these are the case you are going to want to get your hands on some paint swatch samples for our Easter Egg Garland tutorial!

This colorful craft is so easy and inexpensive to whip up, and can quickly add a bit of Easter spirit to any boring doorway or dark corner. You could even drape this around a wreath or a few branches from the yard to create a fun spring display. So gather up your supplies and get started on a string of Easter paint swatch garland today!

Supplies needed:

  • paint swatch samples
  • ribbon
  • small hole punch (optional)

Paint Swatch Garland Tutorial

Step 1:

Draw an Easter egg shape slightly smaller than the width of your paint swatch. You could also make your egg’s height match the width of your paint swatch if you wanted each egg to only be one solid color, but we really like the look of the striped, multitonal eggs.
Easter Egg Paint Sample Garland

Step 2:

Trace your egg template onto the back of your paint samples, as many times as will fit. We got three eggs from each swatch.  If you will be backing your Easter egg garland with more paint swatches, reserve half of your swatches now.
DIY Easter Egg Garland

Step 3:

Cut out the Easter egg shapes you have traced.
DIY Easter Egg Garland

Step 4:

At this point you will want to glue your Easter eggs to the backing.  If you do not have enough paint swatches to use for the front and back, you can back your paper eggs with a pretty scrapbook paper- any solid or colorful fabric should work fine. If you do not have a hole punch, you will need to sandwich your ribbon between the front and back layers.
Paint Swatch Garland Tutorial

Step 5:

Cut your eggs from their backing and punch holes near the top.
Paint Swatch Garland Tutorial

Step 5:

String the ribbon through the holes of your paper Easter eggs. If your ribbon is very thin you may wish to tie a knot around the top of your egg to hold it in place. Depending on the final context of your garland you may wish to measure how far apart your eggs are to make sure they are evenly spaces. Since we were planning on just hanging ours in a casual swag we just judged the distance by eye.
Easter Egg Paint Swatch Garland

Keep stringing until all of your paper eggs are on the ribbon, or until you have enough garland to for your intended purpose.

Paint Swatch Easter Egg Tutorial

This paint swatch Easter egg  garland can make anything look festive- hang it from a window, a doorway, a potted plant, or even give a boring cork board a bit of fun Easter spirit!


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