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Follow this blog post to create a beautiful multi-use DIY peacock feather fascinator clip. This gorgeous peacock clip can be used for so many things. Attach to a clutch purse for a fun look for a night out on the town, to your shirt as a unique brooch, in your hair to create an elegant hair accessory to place in up-do at prom or a wedding, or trim down and wear as shoe clips on your heels! If you have an exact idea in mind, you may only want to add one type of pin or clip onto the back of your DIY peacock craft, or you may want to use our new combo pins which allow you to have BOTH a brooch pin and an alligator clip in one, allowing you to have multiple uses all at once.

Supplies needed:

DIY Peacock Feather Clip DIY Peacock Feather Clip
Here are a few of the options available for single clips and pins:
DIY Peacock Feather Clip DIY Peacock Feather Clip DIY Peacock Feather Clip DIY Peacock Feather Clip

Step 1:

Trim the individual peacock feathers from the satin trim. Be sure to keep a very small amount of the satin trim at the base of each feather so that it stays together.

DIY Peacock Feather Clip DIY Peacock Feather Clip

Step 2:

Arrange your feather pad along with your three peacock feathers how you would like them to lay. I plucked a few of the black feathers from the hackle pad to lay more horizontally at the bottom on each side of the DIY peacock fascinator. At this step, you can make your peacock clip as full or as sparse as you would like, simply by plucking out or adding in additional feathers.

DIY Peacock Feather Clip

Step 3:

To keep all of your feathers in one place, stemming from a central point, you may want to add a felt circle to the back where all of them come together. Add a bit of hot glue around the entire felt circle and quickly place it at the point where all the feathers meet.  If you are choosing to start with loose feathers, instead of a feather pad, adding this felt circle is a MUST to keep everything secure and in place.

DIY Peacock Feather Clip DIY Peacock Feather Clip

Step 4:

In this step, secure your antique button on the front in the center with some hot glue. Then flip over and secure your clip(s) and/or pin(s) to the back at the base of your peacock pin, again using hot glue. If you are planning to use this peacock fascinator for more than one use, it is easiest and more secure to just use the single combo pin (shown below in the final photo).

DIY Peacock Feather Clip DIY Peacock Feather Clip

Step 5:

If necessary, rearrange any out of place feathers simply by giving them a gentle tug or pull. At this point, you can still remove feathers from the pad but you must be careful so that it doesn’t detach the felt circle and all that is secured to that point.

DIY Peacock Feather Clip DIY Peacock Feather Clip DIY Peacock Feather Clip DIY Peacock Feather Clip

Now that you have made your own unique DIY peacock feather fascinator clip, the only thing left to do is to add it to whatever item you are planning on accessorizing! Give as a homemade gift or dress up your look for a party or a wedding. Whether you put your modern peacock clip on a purse (as shown above), bag, mini top hat, blouse, or hair piece, you are sure to make a bold fashion statement with this fun piece. You could also choose to go with different or mismatched colored peacock feathers as well as a different metal rhinestone button to create unique looks all your own!


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