Personalized Tutu Hair Bow Holder


If you tutu hairbow holderhave a little girl in your life, then we do not need to tell you how quickly they can acquire an overabundance of adorable hair bows. There is nothing wrong with that! But all of those cute hair clips can lose their shape if the are just packed into a drawer somewhere- and let’s be honest- they are just too cute to hide away! It is so much easier to accessorize an outfit when your can see all of your options laid out in front of you. We think that the absolute best way to display a little girls hair treasures and dress up her room at the same time is with a personalized tutu hair bow holder!

If your little girl is into all things frilly, then this tutorial could easily be customized to become a ballerina hair bow holder or a beautiful princess hair bow holder. The trick to customization is all in the choice of fabric and accessories. Does your little girl love everything blue and silver? Make her an ice princess hair bow holder! Is she a fan of a specific sports team or a superhero? Make the tutu in her favorite colors, and use a corresponding fabric for the bodice! We love that this craft is both a functional way to display hair accessories, but it can be customized for the theme of any little girl’s room or nursery!

Supplies Needed to make Tutu Hair Bow Holder:

tutu hairbow holder materials

Step One:

To make a template for our tutu bodice, we folded a piece of scrap paper in half and cut a half circle out of the outside edge to make a symmetrical hourglass shape. If you want, you can cut a neckline at the same time- we liked the look of a straight neckline- it is entirely up to you. Trace this onto your cardboard or wood and cut out.  We used a thick sturdy cardboard, but if you want an even more substantial tutu bodice you can use a piece of plywood. We know that sometimes with this style of hair bow holder a layer of cotton or polyester batting is added to create a fluffy upholstered look, but we opted to skip that since it is not necessary to hold anything in place that we clip on top- the elastic will do a fine job of that. It really depends on if you like the fluffier look! If so, add the layer of batting and continue as below- it will hold in place with glue just fine.

tutu hair bow holder template

Step Two:

Cut your fabric around the shape of the cardboard, leaving an inch or so to wrap around the cardboard to glue on the back. Along the curves of the side cut a small slit every inch or so, the help the fabric wrap smoothly and evenly.

 tutu hair bow holder templateStep Three:

Fold over the top and bottom and secure in place. We used hot glue for this project, although craft glue will work if you give each step enough time to dry. Starting at the corner, fold one edge over at a time, trimming excess fabric if necessary to make the folds lie neatly. Continue folding the tabs over and gluing.

hair bow holder tutuballerina hair bow holder

Step Four:

Once you have secured your fabric to your tutu bodice, lay your elastic across the bodice in a crisscross pattern. Wrap around the back, secure with glue and trim.

tutu holder bodice ballerina hair bow holdertutu hairbow holder

Step Five:

Time to cut the tulle! You will want to create strips that are twice the length that you wish your tutu to be. Our favorite way to do this is to use a piece of scrap cardboard that is the desired length of our tutu- in this case 10 inches. We then wrap the cardboard with the tulle and cut at one end, which makes strips twice as long as out tutu length. Perfect! Repeat with all of your tutu colors until your have aprox 30 strips. The more strips you use, the more full your tutu will be.

personalized hair bow holder

Step Six:

Cut a strip of grosgrain ribbon about twice the length of the bottom of your tutu bodice. Fold a tulle strip in half and place under the grosgrain ribbon.  Feed the bottom end of the tulle over the ribbon and through the loop, pulling tight to secure it.

how to make a ballerina hair bow holder  ballerina hair bow holder tutorialbeautiful ballerina hair bow holderballerina bow holder instructions

Step Seven:

Repeat above step with alternating colors, sliding the tulle strips closer together for fullness. Repeat until your tulle covers as much ribbon as the width of the bottom of your tutu bodice.

 make tutu dress hair bow holderStep Eight: 

Cut strips of grosgrain ribbon and decorative elastic the same length as the tulle tutu strips. We used a solid color, a pattern that matched the elastic on the bodice, and a glitter ribbon to add a bit of fun! In evenly spaced intervals, loop the ribbon between the tulle. Repeat the same knot as above, taking care that it lays prettily on top of the tulle.

make ballet dress bow holder make your own  tutu hair bow holder

Step Nine:

Secure the “skirt” to the bottom of the tutu dress bodice, looping the extra ribbon to the back and using more glue to be sure it is extra secure.

tutu hair bow holder instructionsStep Ten:

Add another loop of ribbon to the back as a pretty way to hang your tutu on the wall. Decorate with embellishments! We loved how fun the cheerbows and fabric flowers looked, but what you choose to decorate your tutu with is entirely up to you! We also think it would be cute to add small perals or embellishments to the points on the elastic where the elastic is overlapping

tutu hair bow holder instructions


The final decorations, of course, will come when you clip your hair bows to the ribbon on the skirt or the elastic on the bodice. We just love that a little girl can display all of her beautiful hairbows on her very on personalized tutut hair bow holder! Each hair bow often holds a special memory, and now they can have a place to be displayed that is just as special!


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