Porcupine / Hedgehog and Turtle Ribbon Hair Clip


If you need a great DIY project to do on a cold winter day or just want something fun to create for your daughter, this tutorial will show you how to make two fun ribbon hair bow sculptures! Make the adorable little porcupine or hedgehog hair bow, which is a little bit harder and more tedious, but results in an awesome hair accessory for your little one. Or make the easy turtle ribbon hair clip! Both of these animal hair bow clips are great accessories for your child to wear on a trip to the zoo, at school, at home in the summer, or at a fun animal themed birthday party. These ribbon sculptures also make great, inexpensive party favors or gifts for all attendees at a themed party. Simply follow along to find out how to make these grosgrain ribbon hair bows.

Supplies needed for the porcupine/hedgehog (who we named Russel):


Step 1:

Taking all pieces of the same length of grosgrain ribbon, loop each piece into a figure 8. Be sure that both loops are pointed in the same direction (up or down). Add a dab of hot glue in the middle to hold the figure 8 ribbon together. Repeat this step with all pieces of your ribbon, except the one piece of 2 inch tan grosgrain ribbon.

DIY porcupine ribbon hair clip DIY porcupine ribbon hair clip

Step 2:

Then, taking the similar sized figure 8’s — fan them out. Using dabs of hot glue, secure each of the ribbons in place so that you have a 6-pointed star. BE SURE that all ribbon points are in the correct, and same, facing direction. Repeat this step for the three 3.75 inch pieces and the two 2.75 inch pieces (as an X).

DIY hedgehog ribbon hair bow clip DIY hedgehog ribbon hair bow clip

Step 3:

Stack the three layers of 6-pointed star ribbon on top of one another, from biggest to smallest, finishing with the X’d grosgrain ribbon on top.

DIY hedgehog ribbon hair bow clip DIY porcupine/hedgehog hair bow sculpture

Step 4:

Taking the 1 inch of brown grosgrain ribbon, make a loop on the end, like you have done with all of the other pieces. But this piece will only need one loop, or point, not two. Add a dab of hot glue where the ribbon overlaps and cut any remaining grosgrain ribbon off. Hot glue in place, right in the center of the ‘X’ to fill in that empty space.

DIY porcupine/hedgehog hair bow sculpture DIY porcupine/hedgehog hair bow sculpture

Step 5:

Overlap your two inch piece of thick 7/8th ribbon and hot glue in place to keep it pointed. Snip off any excess ribbon. Then hot glue to the tip, open end, of the partially lined alligator clip.

DIY porcupine/hedgehog hair bow tutorial DIY porcupine/hedgehog hair bow tutorial

Step 6:

Add the porcupine/hedgehog’s body onto the hair clip with a line of hot glue. Then hot glue the two 4mm eyes onto him! After that, you may or may not want to add a nose. To do this, I simply took a fine point permanent marker and colored in the very tip of the tan point. That is all you need to do to complete Russel! Now slip him into your hair to keep your hair out of your face while having an adorable porcupine/hedgehog ribbon hair bow clip!

How to make an easy ribbon hair bow sculpture How to make an easy ribbon hair bow sculpture

 Supplies need for the turtle hair clip (who we named Terry):

Turtle Ribbon Hair Bow Tutorial

Step 1:

Taking the two pieces of 4.25 inch emerald grosgrain ribbon. Loop each individual piece into a figure 8. As with the hedgehog/porcupine hair bow sculpture, be sure that both loops are pointed in the same direction, either both up or both down. Add hot glue in the middle to hold the figure 8 ribbon together.

Turtle Ribbon Hair Bow Tutorial Turtle Ribbon Hair Bow Tutorial

Step 2:

Using a small amount of hot glue, stack the two figure 8’s on top of each other to create an ‘X’. Make a singular loop out of the third, shorter, 2.5 inch piece of ribbon for the turtle’s tail. Cut off any excess ribbon and then hot glue to the closed end of the alligator clip. Add the ‘X’ to the alligator clip, again using a bit of hot glue, as this will be the turtle’s legs.

DIY Turtle Ribbon Hair Bow

Step 3:

Roll the 7/8th grosgrain ribbon into a circular tube and hot glue in place. Size as needed to fit the empty space in the middle of the turtle. This will act as the turtle’s shell.

DIY Turtle Ribbon Hair Bow

Step 4:

First add a bit of hot glue in the middle and then place the orange shell in the center of your turtle. Lastly, add your 4mm flat back pearls (or googly eyes) to the open end of the alligator clip to give your turtle bow sculpture a finished look. Gently press down to secure everything to your Terry the Turtle DIY hair bow clip!

DIY Turtle Ribbon Hair Clip Sculpture DIY Turtle Ribbon Hair Clip Sculpture

We hope you have enjoyed learning how to make these grosgrain hair bow sculptures. Which one is your favorite? Imagine how adorable your little princess would look wearing these homemade hair clips on a trip to the zoo or for her animal-themed birthday. Terry, the turtle, and Russel, the hedgehog, would love nothing more than to find a home with your daughter and her friends! Another thing you could do for these DIY ribbon hair clips is to add a small magnet to the bottom side of the alligator clip and use for a fun magnetic toy to play with on the refrigerator! Mix and match different shades of each color to create your own one of a kind looks to give as unique gifts for nieces, friends’ newborn babies, or your daughter’s best friends. What other animals can you imagine making with all the colors and sizes we offer in our grosgrain ribbon?!


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