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My Sunshine Shoppe is now offering two fun, new products – our beautiful princess crowns and princess tiaras! Both of these items are available in two different styles, each of those styles available in two different colors. Clear and pink are the stunning colored rhinestones that are currently available.  These princess crowns and tiaras are absolutely perfect to use as a photo prop, for costume wear, or just for frequent use around the house if your little girl feels like playing dress up to become a beautiful fairy-tale princess for the day. This short tutorial will show you two different ways of adding fasteners to your princess crown. Since these new crown photo props do not come with attachments on them, this will make sure your princess crown will be secure when placed on the head.

Princess Crown Prop   

Supplies needed for 1 princess tiara (or crown):

Step 1

Each feather puff is a circle connected by sprigs with feathers around it. To start, take the marabou feather puffs and either pull apart or cut once through those inner sprigs to open up the feather puff. Then add hot glue to the bottom base of the tiara, or crown, and start attaching the feather puff along the base of the crown by the sprig. Keep following around the base of the crown with hot glue, attaching the feathers right behind. Do this with both of the feather puffs completing the ring around the crown.

Princess Crown Prop Princess Crown Prop Princess Crown Prop Princess Crown Prop 

Step 2

Add a line of hot glue down the alligator clip and immediately place on top of the feather puff along the center ridge of the princess crown. You may need to go back and tack on more glue under the alligator clip once you have placed it which will raise the layer of adhesion and support. You want to have enough hot glue that the alligator clip is firmly attached to the feather puff which is, in turn, thoroughly attached to the base of the crown prop.

Princess Crown Prop Princess Crown Prop Princess Crown Prop Princess Crown Prop

While you do not need to add the feather puffs, they add another element of flare and sass to the crown while helping to hide the alligator clips. It is as simple as that! Just a few supplies needed with a some imagination and a bit of hot glue and you are transported to a far away fairy-tale land.

You could also use a headband to act as a fastener instead of alligator clips. In this DIY princess crown tutorial we used a light pink satin covered headband. You could also use a plastic headband with teeth for yet another layer of support for the head as these tiaras are somewhat heavy. A headband with teeth will make sure the headband stays in place and will not move with the tiara attached to it.

Supplies needed for this princess tiara include:


Step 1

Dab on some hot glue directly onto the headband where you would like the tiara to be placed. Immediately place the tiara onto the hot glue and hold. Center the headband so that it is directly in the middle of the tiara and continue. Adhere the other side of the tiara by placing hot glue onto the headband where that side of the tiara will sit and firmly press down.

Princess Crown Prop Princess Crown Prop Princess Crown Prop Princess Crown Prop

Step 2

Go back and add a bit more hot glue to each side of the tiara helping to secure it to the headband.

Princess Crown Prop

That’s it! Just two simple steps and you are complete with adding an attachment so that your princess tiara will stay put. Time to enjoy your gorgeous princess crown prop!

Princess Crown Prop Princess Crown Prop

These unique bulk princess tiaras and princess crown props are so lively and beautiful. They can bring a smile to any little girl’s face and add excitement to her day. So whether you are looking for a cute kid’s crown photo prop for your toddler or just want to give your daughter a fun dress up gift, these sparkly princess crowns and princess tiaras are just the thing you need to live happily ever after.



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