Pumpkin Decorating Ideas- and a contest!


pumpkin decorating ideasAround our office we love a good contest. We are surrounded with fun craft supplies for inspiration, so how could we resist? With all of the ways to decorate a no-carve pumpkin, we knew that it was time to put together some Pumpkin Decorating Ideas- and a contest! So browse through our pumpkin decorating ideas and and get inspired to decorate your own pumpkins!  Then be sure to vote and let us know which is your favorite!

We love to decorate pumpkins with paint, glue and other craft supplies rather than carving for a few reasons. The pumpkins last longer and it is all together safer and cleaner. Even paint can be cleaned up easier than sloppy pumpkin guts! Plus we love how much easier it is to add accessories and embellishments- carving can be really frustrating for little fingers! Most of these pumpkins can easily be done by kids alone or with a just a bit of help from adults! We also love the idea of decorating mini individual pumpkins- that could be fun for a fall or Halloween party activity!

Our first pumpkin was made with two pairs of pantyhose and a clotheshanger! There was also a few black marabou puffs and acrylic bat buttons to give it a spooky little topper!
creative halloween decorating ideas
Our second pumpkin used one of our adorable miniature witch hats on a sideways pumpkin for a unique take on a creepy witch with a crooked nose! 
creative pumpkin decorating ideas
Our next pumpkin went for a chic gold effect, accented by our foil elastic  and a satin puff flower! pumpkin decorating ideas for kids
Who knows who this little blue guy is? We just love  his felt circle eyes, burlap hat and a beard made from pillow batting! 
funny pumpkin decorating ideas
How fun are these glittery spiders? The pearl string beads add a chic touch to their creepy spider web!
no mess pumpkin decorating
Our next pumpkin is painted white and says “BOO” spelled out in loose guinea feathers.pumpkin 10
How cute is this creepy little witch?  Her fluffy har was made of batting, and her cute miniature witch hat was trimmed with elastic and a rhinestone slider.
pumpkin painting ideas
If you happen to have any play ponies or horses, this fairytale carriage pumpkin is just a few flat backed pearls away! easy pumpkin painting ideas
We love the jaunty angle that this clown is wearing his glitter top hat at. The rainbow chevron hair and shabby puff clown nose were cute finishing touches! pumpkin decorating ideas
Our next pumpkin’s stem was wrapped in satin leaf garland, and the base was accented by shabby flowers from our peacock collection to perfectly set off the shabby chic look of the scrap fabric patchwork.
no carve pumpkin decorating ideas
How cute is this girly little pumpkin? With those felt circle ears and her signature sparkly bow, you know exactly who that little gal is! 
pumpkin decorating ideas 2015
Last but not least is our adorable greeter pumpkin! We really love the traditional fall touches, like the acorn slider accent and the creative use of the Halloween elastic to wrap the base of the sign! You could do something similar with a festive sign to decorate your pumpkin! 
no carve pumpkin decorating ideas for kidsSo now that you are full of ideas to decorate your own pumpkin it is time to vote. Which is pumpkin in the contest was your favorite?

Which pumpkin do you think was decorated the best?
Thanks so much for stopping by to take a look at our Pumpkin Decorating Ideas- and a contest! We hoped you had as much fun looking at them as we did making them, and if you have any questions about the materials used on the pumpkins,  feel free to ask in the comments below- we love when we can be helpful and provide a bit of inspiration for your projects!


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