Rhinestone Connectors


Have you seen our beautiful new rhinestone connectors yet?! Made from premium metal and gorgeous stones, these rhinestone connectors can take any hair accessory item and make it high fashion in just minutes. These connectors are the perfect embellishment for adding to headbands to add a bit of sparkle and glam without overdoing it. Wear these to jazz up any look – for adding to a fun everyday outfit, a special date night, wedding hair, photo shoot, holiday party, birthday, or whatever the occasion! There are EIGHTEEN different connectors available to fit all of your hair accessory needs. And the best part about these connectors? Since you use them to create your own unique bling headbands, you can make them to fit anyone – from newborn infants to adults!

This short tutorial will show you how to create two different rhinestone connector headbands. One headband will feature our 3/8th inch glitter elastic along side the beautiful triple gem connector, and the other DIY headband will feature 3/8th inch velvet elastic together with the diamond twist connector. As a side note, some of our DIY rhinestone connectors will also fit our thicker 5/8th inch elastic to create a wider headband for a completely different look.

Supplies needed for one rhinestone headband:

Rhinestone Connectors

Step 1

Cut your elastic down to the size of headband needed. See this headband measuring chart to find the length needed. Keep in mind the length of the rhinestone connector! That length will need to be factored into the total length of your headband (fold over elastic + length of connector = size of headband).

  • Triple gem connector: 1.5 inches long (ex: for a 15 inch headband, cut elastic to 13.5)
  • Diamond twist connector: 2.25 inches long (ex: for a 15 inch headband, cut elastic to 12.75)
  • Circle twist connector: 0.5 inches long (ex: for a 15 inch headband, cut elastic to 14.5)
  • Crystal twist connector: 0.75 inches long (ex: for a 15 inch headband, cut elastic to 14.25)
  • Row of bling connector: 0.25 inches long (ex: for a 15 inch headband, cut elastic to 14.75)
  • Double bubble connector: 1 inch long (ex: for a 15 inch headband, cut elastic to 14)
  • Diamond loop connector: cut elastic to exact size as listed on chart

Step 2

Match up the back side of the elastic with the back side of the connector, or front side of elastic with front side of connector. Loop the elastic through the end D ring on one end. Then, lightly singe the end of the elastic with a lighter. Doing this will ensure no fraying.

DIY Rhinestone Connector Headband DIY Rhinestone Connector Headband

Step 3

Pull the elastic through the D ring about 1/4th of an inch and add a dab of hot glue to the end of the elastic. Press down to secure the finished, glued loop.

DIY Rhinestone Connector Headband DIY Rhinestone Connector Headband

Step 4

Making sure there are no twists in your elastic, loop the other end through the D ring on the other side. Again, add hot glue to create your finished loop.

Rhinestone Connectors Rhinestone Connectors Rhinestone Connectors Rhinestone Connectors

DIY Rhinestone Connector HeadbandThat is it! You have now created your own elastic rhinestone headband. In just four simple steps, and a little bit of hot glue, you now have a beautiful sparkly rhinestone hair accessory. That little bit of bling on a headband makes these perfect for any situation. They are so versatile and loved by all ages. The back side of these connectors are smooth and will lay flat allowing such ease of use. These rhinestone connectors can be used for more than just DIY headbands though. They can also be used as a bracelet connector, swimsuit connector for bikini bottoms or a swimsuit top, shoe decorations or even for more outside-the-box type things such as cake decorating!

If you are interested in creating something like this, we have DIY rhinestone connector kits ready for you to purchase! You get to pick your kit with which connectors you like and which colors of elastic you would like to pair it with. No need to scan through our website to find connectors and elastic as we have already done it for you! All you need to do is purchase a DIY rhinestone connector headband making kit and you can make four beautiful, diamond headbands in the comfort of your own home.



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