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sailor knot headband tutorialHere at My Sunshine Shoppe we are always looking for fun new ways to wear headbands- especially with summer just around the corner! So when we started seeing adorable knotted headbands for babies and adults appearing everywhere, we knew we had to figure out how to make them!   This Sailor Knot Headband Tutorial combines all of our favorite elements- simple, no sew and adorable! Even though it looks complicated, you can make this knotted headband yourself with just a few materials and in no time at all you will be sporting a fun new hair accessory for summer!

We have heard this style of headband called both Celtic Knot headbands and Sailor Knot headbands, but whatever you decide to call them we think that they are just the perfect way to keep your hair out of your eyes while you are having fun in the sun! These knotted headbands are cute enough to pair with a sailor dress. but simple enough to throw on with a pair of espadrilles and a t-shirt! Why not try your hand at making one and see just how simple it is to make your own sailor knot headband.

Supplies Needed To Make a DIY Knotted Headband:

knotted headband materials

Step One:

When buying your elastic, first decide how dainty or chunky you want your sailor knot to be. The 1/8th elastic will make a small dainty knot approximately the size of a thumbprint, while the 1/4 inch elastic will make a slightly larger and chunkier knot. Both are really cute, it just depends on what you are going for with your finished look.

Once you have selected your elastic, you will need to decide how large you want to make your headband. If you have ever made our headbands before you have probably seen our measurement guide for headband sizes. You will want your finished headband to end up the same size as this guide (if you are making an adult headband, it will still be 18 inches when finished, while you will still want a 13 inch finished headband if you are creating a headband for a newborn), but when deciding how largo to cut your elastic pieces you will need to add 4.5 inches of extra elastic to allow for the knot, in addition to the .5 inch allowance for overlap while gluing. So if you are making a 13 inch headband you will need to cut your elastic into 18 inch strips. Cut six pieces of elastic to this length and divide into two piles with three pieces of elastic each. We taped the ends of our cut pieces to make them stay together for easier looping and knot tying, but this is completely optional.

sailor knot headband

Step Two:

Take one half of your elastic and loop it into a ribbon shape, with the right “leg” of the ribbon crossing over the left.

knotted headband how-to

Step Three:

Lay the second half of your elastic over the legs of the ribbon in a “smile” shape, then place the right “leg” of the ribbon over the right corner of the “smile”.

knotted headband tutorial sailor knot headband tutorial

Step Four:

Take the left leg of the “smile” and run it under both sides of the upper “ribbon loop” of elastic.

sailor knot headband DIY

Step Five:

Thread the right side of the smile over the right side of the “ribbon loop” of elastic, under the left “leg” of elastic, and over the laft half of the “ribbon loop”.

sailor knot headband how-to celtic knot headband how-to

Step Six:

Begin to pull both sides evenly. This knot will eventually lay flat, so if it begins to bunch or look uneven you can always flatten it with your fingers and back the elastic out again until it is even. This takes a bit of trial and error, but is very forgiving. Pull slowly until it looks even and not too loose.

celtic knot headband DIY celtic knot headband tutorial

Step Seven:

Once you are satisfied with your knot, you can secure the ends of your headbands. Trim any elastic that may have become uneven, then overlap the ends and secure with glue. To cover the ends and further secure in place, wrap with a small piece of thicker elastic once, glueing where the elastic overlaps. Optionally, you could wrap the ends multiple times with more thin elastic and secure with glue. Since this will take multiple times wrapping to cover the cut ends, allow approximately 8-10 inches for this.

how to make a celtic knot headband how to make a knotted headband

Now it is time to show off your new-found knotting skills!

diy knotted infant headband

The results of this Sailor Knot Headband Tutorial look much more complicated than they really are to make, but we certainly aren’t telling! Let everyone be impressed by your nautical knotting skills with your beautiful and seaworthy knotted headband! And don’t feel limited to only a monochromatic DIY sailor knot on your headband- we think this would be cute in a wide range of colors- why not add a few shades to match a special outfit? If you do end up making one we would love to see- either in the comments below or post something for us to share on social media- just follow one of the links on the top right hand side of our blog!



  1. I never would have thought to use skinny elastic in such a clever way! It’s nice to have a fun, new version of knotted headbands!

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