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 back to school party ideasCan you believe it? It is almost back to school time already! Notebooks and pencils are filling up the seasonal aisles in the stores and we have very, very mixed feelings about that! The thought of summer disappearing is upsetting of course, but at the same time there are some fun back to school craft ideas that will be a lot of fun. It is always fun to plan the perfect teacher gift, and to get the little ones in on the back to school craft activities! We thought it would be so fun to plan and make School Spirit Hair Accessories that would be perfect for a welcome back to school party or as welcome back to school gifts!

We have even included school bus printable that can be used as a Back to School Bus Template for a cute way to display your back to school headbands and hairties! We just thought a little bus driving up with a welcome back to school gift was such a fun idea- it might even make the most reluctant little one just a little more eager to go back to school.

To start, we printed out our  Back to School Bus Template and cut out each of the shapes to use as a template. If you are tracing onto yellow paper or cardstock, be sure to tace the shape backwards so that any extra marks will not show on the front of your bus. (Tip: thicker paper works best!)
back to school printable craft
Cut out the rest of the shapes of your school bus and glue them in place.  If your are crafting with a little one, they may want the windows to be cut from white paper so they can draw little cartoons in the window. Adding extra fun details is what makes crafting together so fun- collaborations are always twice the fun!
back to school 2
Now that you have a cute school bus card to display your creations, it is time to whip up a few back to school hair accessories!  We think that headbands and hair ties are a great back to school gift for girls- they are a fun gift to receive, and are both pretty and useful! Everyone needs an emergency hair tie once and while, right? So why not have give out cute school themed hair tie! Our favorite part about fold over elastic hair ties is that they are so gentle. They don’t cut into your wrist like normal hair ties, and best of all- fold over elastic hair ties won’t leave a crease in your hair! If you need a refresher on how to make your own hair ties with fold over elastic, refer to our blog post on hair tie measurements.
back to school craft ideas for preschoolersback to school craft ideas for teachers
It is hard not to be inspired, with our school print elastic, sport print elastic, and all of the other fun printed elastic available on Sunshine Supply ! Simply add a few pretty flowers and a wise owl slider or apple button and you have a cute headband that any little girl would love to wear for her first day of school pictures! For a basic rundown on how to put together a simple headband, our shabby headband tutorial is a good jumping off point. Really, once you have picked out your elastic, flowers and embellishments,  just make sure you have some hot glue and felt circles and you should be good to go!
back to school hair accessoriesback to school fashion ideas back to school photo shoot ideas     back to school party ideas
We even added a tiny bit of a pencil that was sharpened down to a nub! You can dull your pencil with a bit of sandpaper if you are worried about it being too pointy.
school hair clips
Is your family doing anything special to celebrate going back to school! If you end up making any school spirit accessories, we would love to hear about it- we always love seeing the creative variations that you come up with!


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