Shabby Flower Headband Tutorial


To celebrate our last week of Christmas in July, we thought we better feature the amazing item that is on sale this week – shabbies! In this tutorial, learn how to make a shabby chic flower headband in just a few simple steps. Using a lighter, scissors, hot glue gun and just a few supplies that you can purchase from My Sunshine Shoppe, you can create your own DIY shabby headband. Our shabby chic flowers and bows come in many varieties of patterns and colors and come slightly frayed to give you that fun, vintage look that is so in fashion right now! Use any of these many choices to make shabby headbands for a back-to-school look, to match a holiday outfit, for a photo session, or to jazz up any everyday fashionable outfit. You can mix and match to create unique looks or stay with a similar color palette to carefully match specific clothes – the possibilities and combinations are endless!

Shabby headband supplies needed:

Shabby Flower Headband

Step 1

Your shabby flowers will likely come on a light mesh trim. The first step is to cut the flowers from the trim before using them in this project. To do this, simply trim around the flowers as close as you can using a scissors. Then, using a lighter lightly burn away the excess mesh if needed. Just be careful not to burn the flower!

Shabby Flower Headband Shabby Flower Headband

Step 2

Take your glitter elastic and cut it down to size (using the headband chart link above). Then, add a dab of hot glue to one of the ends and connect the two ends of elastic together to create your circular headband. Make sure the elastic is not twisted when you do this. You will want to overlap your elastic about 1/4 of an inch. Press down firmly to make sure the headband is secure.

Shabby Flower Headband Shabby Flower Headband

Step 3

Slightly overlap your shabby flowers and add a straight line of hot glue across the back of the shabbies. Lay your elastic across the line of glue securing the shabby chic flowers to the headband.

Then swirl some hot glue on the back side of the flowers/elastic and quickly add the three felt circles onto that hot glue. Check to make sure the felt circles are entirely attached to the shabbies and that none of the edges can be lifted up. We add the felt circles to hide the seam where the two ends of the headband came together and to give the headband a complete and finished look.

DIY Shabby Headband DIY Shabby Headband DIY Shabby Headband DIY Shabby Headband

You have completed your DIY sparkly shabby headband! This specific headband is a wonderful addition to any girl’s wardrobe as it can be worn on a daily basis, for a Christmas event, Valentine’s Day event, 4th of July event, back-to-school outfit and more! The simple solid color scheme of this shabby headband idea makes it easy to wear at any given time. You could continue on with this DIY shabby headband and embellish it even more using sequin bows, rhinestone buttons, etc if you so choose.

DIY Shabby Headband

The headbands shown above use only a few of our many shabby chic flowers. We wanted to show you how some of our printed shabbies look on both our skinny elastic (top headband and third headband) as well as our 5/8th inch elastic in both a solid colored elastic and the glitter elastic to give you an idea of all the ways they can be used. The white headband is perfect for infants or newborn babies as the shabbies used are actually our mini shabby chiffon flowers the only measure about 1.5 inches in diameter and look both adorable and petite on a little one’s head.

Don’t miss out on the last week of our Christmas in July sale! All of our shabby flowers and bows are on sale now! Good now through July 29th, 2014 at 11:59pm CST you can enjoy 30% off this amazing and popular selection of products. Just use the coupon code SHABBY30 during checkout to redeem this awesome 30% discount.


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