Simple Jewelry Making Ideas


jewelry crafting ideasIf you are a fan of custom accessories, or if you would like to make a special handmade jewelry set to give as a gift, then we are here to help! We have such a wide variety pf buttons and cabochons, you can make a mix and match jewelry set with any wide variety of materials! These DIY Jewelry Ideas are really just a jumping off point!

If you looking for somewhere to get started, our color coordinated earring kits are a great start. They come with enough supplies to make 25 earrings! Pair those with a few DIY necklace pendants and you will have endless combinations of custom handmade accessories!how to make your own jewelry

Supplies Needed:

How to make your own necklace:

Making your own pendant for a necklace is very simple once you have the right tools. For anything attached to a fabric flower we used hot glue, but when attaching metal to plastic we always use E-6000. It takes 24 hours to fully sure, but creates a more secure bond. The fumes on E-6000 can be harmful though, so be sure to work in a well ventilated space! After you have adhered the glue pad bail to the back of your fabric or resin flower, be sure to add some rhinestones to your flower for a bit of glamour!

simple jewelry making ideas jewelry crafting ideas

Once your glue has cured, string a pretty piece of cord or ribbon though. We made our necklace 23 inches long, but the length really depends on your preference. Leave enough extra to tie to each side of the toggle clasp set with a tight double knot, then trim.

diy jewelry makinghow to make post earrings

We made a few pendants each with different cords to have a wide variety of choices- because mixing and matching is half of the fun!how to make earrings at homeHow to  make your own stud earrings:

It is equally simple to make your own earrings! The hardest part might actually be picking out which buttons or cabochons you want to use! So once you have picked which buttons to use, we recommend that you use E-6000 to secure the button to the stud for the most secure hold. how to make stud earrings jewelry making crafts

Let cure for 24 hours before wearing. If you are making any earrings with rounded buttons, you can stick the stud into a small piece of floral foam or Styrofoam, so that you can put your dot of glue on the flat back of the stud and press the button on top.

easy to make jewelry

It is as simple as that! We hope that you have enjoyed these simple DIY jewelry making ideas! Handmade jewelry makes a wonderful gift- simply attache your earrings to a pretty piece of paper and package everything in a pretty box! Maybe even make a little gift for yourself that will match a favorite outfit, now that you know how quick and easy it can be!


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