Simple Mini Top Hat Tutorial


Simple Mini Top Hat Tutorial

Mini Top Hats are actually really simple to make, here we will provide instructions on how to make them with clips for older girls to adults, and how to attach headbands for younger girls!

Supplies needed for your mini top hat project:



Mini Top Hat – we carry the oval type, which sit very nice on the head, and have a slightly curved brim, giving it a more elegant look than the usual round, flat mini top hats. We also carry adorable mini cowboy hats and witch hats!

Embellishments – this can really be anything from feathers, shabby flowers, rhinestone buttons, lace, satin flowers, pearls, the possibilities are endless. We have labeled the above picture with all the “ingredients” for this particular hat.

Alligator clips with teeth – you will need the ones with the flat top to effectively attach to the bottom of the top hat. Regular alligator clips do not work well because they are curved up and do not sit flat on the underside of the hat.

– and/or-

Elastic – skinny elastic or regular fold over elastic will work the best. We love the 1/8th inch skinny elastic for these hats.

1 inch felt circles (to attach the elastic)

Hot glue/glue gun

Instructions to make your Simple Mini Top Hat:

1. Decide if you want your hat on clips or on elastic. With this tutorial, you can actually put BOTH clips AND elastic on the hat – when the hat is worn with clips, you can simply tuck the elastic under the hat. This will give you or your customers more versatility if you are unsure which style will work best for the model.

2. (If you only want to use elastic, skip to step 4). Add your clips with hot glue. Apply a pretty thick layer. You can also use E6000 here, but allow at least 24 hrs to dry with this type of glue. Hot glue seems to stick quite well for these, just be sure to QUICKLY add the clip to the hat as the glue dries faster when put on the metal!

Simple Mini Top Hat Tutorial

Simple Mini Top Hat Tutorial

3. Position the clips like this:

Simple Mini Top Hat Tutorial

Simple Mini Top Hat Tutorial

***important point- the “pinch” part of the clip (or the part of the clip that you squeeze with your fingers to open the clip) will be facing the FRONT of your hat – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve finished the hat and then realized that the clips were backwards!!

4. (If you are only using clips, skip to step 8) Adding elastic.  Cut your elastic to the desired length. Here is our rule of thumb for mini top hats on headbands: Take the size you would use to make a headband (our standard elastic headband measurements are found in our Measurements for headbands and hair ties blog) and subtract 1 (one). Example – if you need a 14 inch headband for a 6 month old, you would cut this elastic 13 inches.

5. Take your 1 inch felt circle and glue the end of the elastic to the center. Make sure the elastic goes across the entire felt circle to the edge, this is important for sizing purposes.

Simple Mini Felt Hat Tutorial

Simple Mini Felt Hat Tutorial

6.  Cover the side of the felt with the elastic stuck to it with hot glue and place it on the INSIDE of the hat, right in the middle on the “long” side as shown below. (The pictures shows the clips on this hat, you don’t have to have clips if you don’t want!)

Simple Mini Top Hat Tutorial

Simple Mini Top Hat Tutorial

7. Repeat step 6 directly across from your first felt circle side.

Simple Mini Top Hat Tutorial

Simple Mini Top Hat Tutorial

8. Add embellishments as desired. Have fun with this – use a variety of textures and colors. It’s ok if some of the embellishments stick up over the top of the hat. Another fun idea is to wrap the bottom part of the hat with some glitter elastic or lace (elastic works better than ribbon FYI, as the hat tilts upward and ribbon will not lay flat as nice as elastic. Below are some pictures of some different examples of hats we have decorated.


CAN YOU STAND THE CUTENESS? These hats are so fun….. what are you waiting for? Get started on your own Mini Top Hats! Once you’ve made one, you will see how simple they are and will want to do more and more and more….

If you need a bit more inspiration, we have put together an instructional video on how to make your own mini top hat! We used the perfectly peacock tophat kit as our example, but you can definitely use it to be inspired to create a custom design of your very own!

We hope you enjoyed our Simple Mini Top Hat Tutorial and would love to see your creations as well!




  1. Beautiful hats 🙂 I was wondering if the clips would hurt younger girls that don’t have as much hair on their heads. I want to make one for my three month old niece and would love to make one she could clip in as she gets older as well.

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