Snowman Hair Bow Clip Tutorial


Are you getting into the Christmas spirit?! Our quick snowman ribbon sculpture tutorial will show you how to make a DIY snowman hair clip using just three items – fold over elastic (or grosgrain ribbon), an alligator clip, and flat back pearls. Follow along step by step to make an adorable Christmas hair bow clip that your children are sure to love!  It is very easy to make and follow.

Supplies needed:

DIY Snowman Hair Clip

Step 1

Cut your white elastic down to be 8 inches long. Using a lighter, lightly singe the ends of the elastic to prevent them from fraying.

DIY Snowman Hair Clip

Step 2

Make a ‘figure 8’ with your elastic. This ‘figure 8’ will be off-centered as you want a smaller circle for the head and a larger circle to act as the snowman’s body. Then glue the two ends, where they overlap, together. And add a dab of hot glue into the center of the ‘figure 8’ where you would like your body and head to stay separate. When you do this, you want the top portion of the snowman’s head to have NO opening in the elastic. So adjust the elastic so that the body and head is as needed, THEN add your hot glue. You want approximately 1/3 of the snowman to end up above the alligator clip to act as the head and the rest of the ‘figure 8’ snowman to be below the alligator clip to act as the body.

How To Make A Snowman Hair Clip How To Make A Snowman Hair ClipHow To Make A Snowman Hair Clip How To Make A Snowman Hair Clip

Step 3

Flatten the elastic out as best you can to create a symmetrical snowman and add a line of hot glue to the inside of the alligator clip. Keeping the alligator clip open, quickly place the elastic snowman body onto the alligator clip while maintaining that symmetry. The hair clip should be placed where the elastic overlapped to help hide the overlapping seams. This hair clip quickly becomes your snowman’s wintry scarf.

How To Make A Snowman Hair Clip How To Make A Snowman Hair Clip

Step 4

Then, using small dabs of hot glue, adhere the three ‘chunks of coal’ in place – two as eyes, and the larger one as a top button.

DIY Christmas Snowman Hair Clip DIY Christmas Snowman Hair Clip

Step 5

Cut the black fold over elastic down to the size you would like your snowman’s top hat to be. The bottom portion of our hat is 1 and 1/8 inch long and the offset top portion of our snowman’s hat is 3/4 inch long. Again you will want to use a lighter to singe the ends of the elastic. Then, hot glue the two pieces of hat together by placing the smaller black portion behind the larger black section of elastic.

DIY Christmas Snowman Hair Clip DIY Christmas Snowman Hair Clip

Step 6

Finally, add the finished top hat onto your snowman’s head to complete your DIY Christmas snowman hair bow clip!

DIY Christmas Snowman Hair Clip

We hope you have enjoyed learning how to make a snowman hair clip sculpture out of fold over elastic. As mentioned earlier, you could also make this out of a little bit skinnier 3/8th inch grograin ribbon to have a completed DIY ribbon hair bow as well! The ribbon will make the snowman a bit more stiff and not quite as flexible. If you want to take this simple snowman a bit further, feel free to use ribbon (or elastic) to add stick arms and a cute carrot nose! The beauty of this DIY craft project is that you get to make it your own using whatever you would like! Put this fun, festive piece in your little girl’s hair during a Christmas party, over the holidays to dress up an outfit, or even during a winter family photo session.

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