Sock Bunny Easter Craft


After spring cleaning we found ourselves with more than a few socks that were missing the other half to their pair! Since Easter is coming up it seemed like the perfect time to put those socks to a good use in a fun DIY Easter craft! These stuffed sock rabbits are so easy to put together, and can be made with any type or size of sock that you might have sitting around!

So gather up those socks that were waiting to be thrown away, and dig out the unmatched socks from the back of your drawers! White or pink bunnies might be the traditional Easter colors, but don’t let that limit you. We think that Easter bunnies look great in a wide variety of patterns and colors- and these sock rabbits are easy enough for the kids to help with. They will love choosing buttons and embellishments to make their Easter sock bunnies extra unique!

Supplies needed to make one Sock Bunny:

Easter Bunny Sock DIY

Step 1:

First, insert your stuffing of choice into your sock. Rice will help the bunny stand up, but pillow batting will be softer and lighter. If you have an abundance of mismatched socks you could even use extra socks for your stuffing. Secure above the stuffing with a rubber band. This will be your Easter bunny’s neck.

Sock Rabbit Tutorial

Step 2:

Add a smaller amount of stuffing and secure again with a rubber band. This will be the bunny’s head.

DIY Bunny made from socks

Step 3:

Cut down he middle of the top of the sock on each side to divide the area above the ears into two halves. This will make your sock bunny’s ears.

Easter Bunny Stuffed Craft

Step 4:

Shape your sock bunny’s ears as you wish. Depending on the material of your sock you my find that it looks fine tapered into to ear shapes, or you may even wish to curl the edges under and secure with glue.

DIY Sock Rabbit

Step 5:

Add a mini chiffon puff to the back of your bunny to give him or her a puffy tail. We secured our with hot glue, but this could also be done with fabric glue or even non-toxic school glue. Mix and match any color to create your own one of a kind sock bunny craft.

Easter Bunny Craft with Kids

Step 6:

Now it is time to decorate! Add embellishments and decorate your cute sock bunny as much or as little as you wish.

Easter Bunny Sock Tutorial Sock Rabbit Kid Craft

We love the furry look that some feathers from a marabou puff adds to our Easter bunny’ stomach and ears. A circle of felt can add an extra decorative element to your bunny’s tummy, and you can even add felt teeth or a ribbon bow tie.  It would be easy to whip up an entire family of Easter bunnies and accessorize them each differently. Have the kids create their own with their friends – The only limit is how many mismatched socks you can find. We hope you and your Easter bunnies have a wonderful spring and Easter!


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