Sparkle Bow Headbands


sparkle bow tieIt has never been easier to coordinate cute headbands to outfits, but in the interest of having more spending money for more cute outfits and more cute headbands, we love to make DIY hair accessories whenever we can! We have started seeing adorable Sparkle Bow Headbands in stores for upwards of ten or more dollars- and while we know that a beautiful handmade headband is worth it’s weight in gold, we also know that these pretty bow headbands are too simple not to go ahead and make ourselves!

Each of the DIY headbands below was made for around $2 in materials- which means we can afford to make a headband for every day of the week for the price of one! We loved the look of the skinny satin wrap headbands, but if you are making a baby bow headband you can use the same idea on an elastic headband instead of a hard headband. Check out our post regarding elastic headband measurements for a bit more information about creating an elastic headband, if that is the style that works better for you.

Supplies Needed to Make Sparkle Bow Headbands:

sequin bow headband
Step One:
Once you have selected your style of headband and bow, choose a felt circle to match. Although it won’t be seen when your headband is worn, it helps hold everything together and look polished when it is complete. Run a stripe of hot glue down the middle of your felt circle and glue it to the bottom of your headband, directly below where you want your bow to sit. Essentially, you are creating a base for your bow to sit on.
glitter bow headband
Step Two:
Next  apply hot glue to your entire felt circle and the part of the headband that your felt circle is under. You do not want the glue to ooze, but you want to use enough for your sparkly bow to stay firmly in place.
diy bow headband baby
Viola- you have an adorable rhinestone or glitter bow- at a bargain!
diy big bow headband
How irresistibly cute are these ?
gold sparkle bow
Glitter and sequin bow tie headbands that come together that quickly? My heart be still!
black sequin headbandThey were just too fun and easy- we may have gone a little glitter bow crazy!
sparkle bow headband

Want to see more? we have put together a quick and easy instructional video on how to make your own headbands!


How could we resist? These DIY sequin and sparkle bow headbands came together so quickly and added such a fun sparkle to our day- we couldn’t possibly stop at just one! What do you think? Will you try your hand at making your own bow headband?Let us know what you think in the comments below, or tag us in a picture of your creation on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram– we love to see your creativity at work!


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