Spotlight Color – Charcoal


My Sunshine Shoppe’s Spotlight Color of the week is CHARCOAL. Almost every charcoal-colored product, including those listed below, will be on sale for this week (Friday to Friday)! Make sure to read below to find amazing color-coordinating palettes as well as many DIY craft and fashion products in our featured spotlight color.

Charcoal grey, along with most all greys, are super trendy right now. Charcoal has been seen and used everywhere from bridal wedding colors to wall paint color, flooring, and throw pillows in home decor to entire bedrooms and entire wardrobes. It is such a classic and neutral color choice making it a wonderful color to wear with virtually all other colors! Between white and black, charcoal grey offers a little bit of both worlds resulting in a dramatic yet calming look. Mature, conservative and sophisticated, charcoal offers a clean and bold color choice allowing it to be used for both men and women and in every age group.

Spotlight Color - Charcoal

The products listed above do not show all of our charcoal colored products that we have to offer. But those shown above are listed below for your convenience. We carry many other charcoal grey items including everything from glitter ribbon by the yard and bitty pearl buttons to both frosted and regular glitter fold over elastic, so please browse our website to find and purchase all of our charcoal colored products.

  1. Baby crib shoes
  2. Amelia blossom flower
  3. Ballerina flower
  4. Shabby chic flower
  5. Acrylic sparkle bow
  6. Antique diamond flat back button
  7. Flat back craft pearl
  8. Silky satin mesh flower
  9. Glitter elastic
  10. Isabella lace and pearl flower
  11. Satin sunburst flower
  12. Satin covered headband
  13. Large wrinkle fabric flower
  14. Bicone acrylic beads
  15. Pearl rose beads
  16. Burlap flower
  17. Floral knee high socks

Spotlight Color - Charcoal

Though charcoal grey can be matched up with almost any other color and still look fabulous, we have given you a couple ideas for color palettes listed above. All of these color combinations work great for both fashion, hair accessories, and home decor. Charcoal gives a formal and reserved look but when paired with bright yellows, oranges, cyans, or magentas, charcoal can take on a brighter, bolder more energetic look. You can also get creative by combining it with metallic golds or silvers to pump up any look by bringing flare and glimmer. Wear at anytime of the year with other colors to match your mood or season. It is absolutely perfect for daily wear, a special event, a night out on the town, or for making school and sports’ team colored DIY hair accessories and headbands if their colors are dark grey or charcoal!

Make sure to shop now to receive all charcoal items on sale for this one week only. *No coupon code needed as prices are already listed in store.* *SSS team members will choose sale items each week. May or may not include every shade of spotlight color. See product listings for sale prices, if applicable*

Check back every Friday for our upcoming Spotlight Color of the Week. 


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