Spotlight Color – Emerald


My Sunshine Shoppe is excited to announced a new promotional event branded “Spotlight Color of the Week.” Each Friday, the team at My Sunshine Shoppe will designate an in-style, signature color to promote all week long!

Whether you are looking to decorate a house, know which colors can be worn together in fashion, or are just simply in love with the weekly spotlight color, this event is just what you need. Follow this weekly blog post as it will bring attention to amazing corresponding color combinations and will highlight our featured products in the specific spotlight color. The best part? Almost every spotlight-colored product, including those listed below, will be on sale for the entire week (Friday to Friday)!

First up on the Spotlight Color of the Week chart – EMERALD.

Spotlight Color of the Week - Emerald

Emerald green is SUCH a fantastic color for so many different things. Since it is not quiet fall yet for all those deeper and more neutral colors, and it is months past spring for those pastels, green is definitely in. It is bold, rich, vibrant, and extremely trendy right now in both home decor and in fashion.

Spotlight Color of the Week - Emerald

The products listed above do not show all of our emerald green products that we have to offer. But those shown above are listed below for your convenience. We carry everything from solid grosgrain ribbon to DIY ribbon bows and even various sized felt circles in emerald so feel free to browse our website to spot all of our beautiful emerald colored products.

  1. Marabou feather puff
  2. Silky satin mesh flower
  3. Sequin bow applique
  4. Satin covered headband
  5. Pinwheel ribbon flower
  6. Faux wood beads
  7. Nagorie feather pad
  8. Chiffon tuxedo bow tie
  9. Bird cage veil
  10. Chiffon blossom flower
  11. Glitter elastic
  12. Petite princess lace flower
  13. Ribbon puff
  14. Antique diamond button
  15. Satin rosette
  16. Alligator clip

Spotlight Color of the Week - Emerald

Emerald is such a radiant, timeless, beautiful color. Pair with pinks, whites, and tans for a natural color palette, or go bold and pair emerald with silvers, golds, and other metallics for a rich, timeless look. You can wear an emerald headband or necklace with muted tones for just the perfect pop of color, or wear bolder colors with green pants for a gorgeous overall look this season. Capture anyone’s attention with this spotlight color of the week.

Which emerald green color combination is your favorite? Which color palette are you most likely to wear or design your home around? Do you need emerald headbands or hair clips for your dance team? Is your favorite sport’s team green? Whatever your reason for choosing emerald, make sure to shop now to receive all emerald green items on sale for this one week only. *No coupon code needed as prices are already listed in store.* *SSS team members will choose sale items each week. May or may not include every shade of spotlight color. See product listings for sale prices, if applicable*

Check back every Friday for our upcoming Spotlight Color of the Week. 


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