Spotlight Color – Gold


My Sunshine Shoppe is pleased to announced this week’s Spotlight Color – GOLD. Almost every gold-colored product, including those listed below, will be on sale for the entire week (Friday to Friday)! Make sure to read below to find amazing color-coordinating palettes as well as a few products in our featured spotlight color.

Gold, usually associated with wealth and prosperity, is such a wonderful color to enhance and illuminate all other colors around it. Gold not only stands for quality and luxury, but it is sure to add warmth and richness to any room decor, any outfit, and most definitely any hair accessory. If you are looking boost your own confidence or draw someone else’s attention, gold is sure to capture anyone’s!

Spotlight Color - Gold

The products listed above do not show all of our gold colored products that we have to offer. But those shown above are listed below for your convenience. We carry many other golden items including everything from locket necklaces and gold pearl buttons to plastic satin lined headbands with teeth in gold, so feel free to browse our website to spot all of our beautiful gold colored products.

  1. Sequin flower applique
  2. Metallic foil bead
  3. Rolled satin flower
  4. Round sequin bow
  5. Locket bracelet
  6. Vintage style hexagon button
  7. Glitter baby crib shoes
  8. Glitter oval top hat
  9. Wrinkle fabric flower
  10. Silky satin mesh flower
  11. Glitter elastic
  12. Glitter satin rolled rose
  13. Glitter ribbon
  14. Glitter bow applique
  15. Satin covered headband
  16. Sequin tuxedo bow
  17. Royal crown slider

Spotlight Color - Gold

Get creative with your choice of colors to wear paired with a metallic golden yellow. It has been said that wearing gold can actually boost confidence, and help to bring positivity into your life! As shown above, gold can easily be matched with a wide variety of colors and other options. Perfect for fall, gold can be paired with reds and browns to fully achieve an autumn-like look. Gold can also be combined with bright pinks, greens, or subtle blues to achieve other stylish, sophisticated looks in anyone’s wardrobe. You can even wear with other metallics like silver and platinum, or pair with shades of purple to achieve an extra luxurious look, perfect for a special event or night out on the town!

Gold looks great on all ages for all occasions. Wear a little for just a hint of sparkle and glammer or wear a lot to create a big impact. There are so many products we offer to create your own beautiful DIY metallic gold hair accessories. So whether you are trying to match school colors for a dance team outfit, a cheer team outfit, a wedding, or just want to add some bling to an everyday look, gold is the perfect color complimented to all wardrobes. Make sure to shop now to receive all gold items on sale for this one week only. *No coupon code needed as prices are already listed in store.* *SSS team members will choose sale items each week. May or may not include every shade of spotlight color. See product listings for sale prices, if applicable*

Check back every Friday for our upcoming Spotlight Color of the Week. 


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