Spotlight Color – Mint


My Sunshine Shoppe’s Spotlight Color of the week is – MINT. Almost every mint green-colored product, including those listed below, will be on sale for this week only (Friday to Friday)! Make sure to read below to find amazing color-coordinating palettes as well as a few products in our featured spotlight color.

Hop on the mint popularity trend with some of these mint colored items. Mint has been especially trendy for wedding colors as well as spring months as well as the winter months as it is a cooler green/blue color and matches both seasons! Make any room, wedding decor, or outfit look fresh by adding a hint of mint. Almost halfway between cyan and green, you are sure to capture anyone’s attention with this beautiful eye-catching pastel color.

Spotlight Color - Mint

The products listed above do not show all of the trendy mint colored products that we have to offer. But those shown above are also listed below for your convenience. We carry several other mint items including everything from feather pads, daisy cabochons and Amelia flowers to padded satin flower appliques, so please browse our website to spot all of our gorgeous mint green colored products.

  1. Rolled satin flower (available in various sizes)
  2. Double ruffle elastic
  3. Addison chiffon mesh flower
  4. Satin wrapped headband
  5. Chiffon lace flower
  6. Transparent faceted bead
  7. Chiffon blossom flower print
  8. Chiffon blossom flower
  9. Shabby puff flower (also available in a mini)
  10. Pinwheel ribbon flower
  11. Wide 1 inch fold over elastic (available in over sizes)
  12. Grosgrain ribbon
  13. Satin dahlia flower
  14. Petite princess lace flower
  15. DIY fabric hair bow
  16. Curly ostrich puff

Spotlight Color - Mint

Mint green is also a common color for spiritual advancement, healing, and personal growth. The pastel tone of mint allows it to pair well with so many other colors in both fashion and home decor. As shown above, it can easily be matched with just about any other color in any type and style of color palette. It is said to be a very positive color as well as a color that represents wealth and prosperity. Mint goes extra great with pink, navy, orange and brown as well as other colors. Make a special occasion, scene, or outfit feel vintage by pairing mint green with ivorys, light pinks, creams, peaches, or shades of grey which looks amazing for weddings. You can also pair with silver or gold for an extra appealing metallic look.

Bring about a new energy simply by adding mint! This popular shade of green looks wonderful on all ages and for all occasions. It works great for adding just a pop of color in a wardrobe with one stunning piece of mint-colored jewelry. It also works great in larger amounts, like an accent wall or a pair of colored jeans, to create a bigger longer-lasting impact. Whether it be for every day use, for a wedding, prom wear, or a different special occasion, there are so many products we offer to create your own beautiful DIY mint hair accessories. Make sure to shop now to receive all mint items on sale for this one week only. *No coupon code needed as prices are already listed in store.* *SSS team members will choose sale items each week. May or may not include every shade of spotlight color. See product listings for sale prices, if applicable*

Check back every Friday for our upcoming Spotlight Color of the Week. 


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