Spotlight Color – Orange


This week’s Spotlight Color of the Week is ORANGE. Almost every orange-colored product, including but not limited to those listed, will be on sale for this one week (Friday to Friday)! Make sure to read on to find many of Sunshine Shoppe’s orange on-sale products. Continue to read below to also find amazing color-coordinating palettes featuring this week’s spotlight color.

Orange, the color of optimism, warmth, and happiness, offers both cheerfulness and stimulation. Orange is a great pick-me-up color as it uplifts spirits and emotions. So if you are down and out, wearing orange, seeing orange, thinking orange is a great way to subconsciously help you bounce back from a hard or difficult time.

It is also such a great color to wear during the Autumn months as you color coordinate with your outdoor surroundings! Both warm and inviting, orange offers the perfect pop of color to an outfit or a room’s decor. Another reason to have orange around in the fall is that it suggests motivation and movement so it will help you to keep moving during the cold, crisp months ahead.

Spotlight Color - Orange

We offer a wide array of different products on Sunshine Shoppe Supply, including many that are orange, burnt orange, or neon orange in color. This collage does not show all of our orange colored products, so please feel free to browse through our website to find all of the orange-colored products we have to offer, such as our gorgeous grosgrain ribbon in two various sizes and camouflage blankets. All of the products listed above are linked directly below for your shopping convenience.

  1. Fall leaf ribbon slider
  2. Chiffon blossom flower
  3. Savannah flower
  4. Satin head wrap
  5. Chiffon tuxedo bow tie applique
  6. Acrylic disco beads
  7. Round sequin bow
  8. Lotus flower
  9. Petal puff flower
  10. Chiffon floral print flower
  11. Marabou feather puff
  12. Glitter elastic
  13. Metallic foil beads
  14. Large crochet flower
  15. Ruffled ranunculus flower
  16. Shabby ballerina flower
  17. Soft petal roses

Spotlight Color - Orange

Orange, being warm and inviting, is such a great color for so many things. What a simple way to add pop to anything. Paint a room pastel orange or a deep, rich, darker orange for a big impact – though you may want to stay away from painting your kitchen or dining room orange as it is known to increase one’s appetite! You can choose to stick with more of a monotoned color palette, which is wonderful for autumn. A duller, more natural color palette will calm down the overall look in any room or for any outfit with orange being that needed splash of color. Or you can add bright yellows, greens, purples, and pinks for an extra bright, flamboyant look. Get spontaneous and creative with your use of orange today!

Orange is definitely the color for you if you want to show off your enthusiasm, ambition, creativity and sense of adventure! It looks great on all ages for all occasions, especially on younger, youthful people. So many shades of orange, including burnt orange and neon, to choose from to create any cheery look! Be sure to shop now to get all orange-colored items on sale for this one week only. *No coupon code needed as prices are already listed in store.* *SSS team members will choose sale items each week. May or may not include every shade of spotlight color. See product listings for sale prices, if applicable*

This is also the last week to cash in on all Halloween-themed products! All Halloween products are still on sale but only though October 31st until 11:59pm cst, and only while supplies last! Stock up now to make sure you get in on these spooky savings. *No coupon code needed as prices are already listed in store.*

Check back every Friday for our upcoming Spotlight Color of the Week. 


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