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how to make a string necklaceIf you can roll up a ball of string and tie a knot, then you are on the way to making your own necklace! Honest! We put this String Bead Necklace together in no time, and now we are dreaming of other ways to use the adorable balls of twine in other jewelry and other creative endeavors! Our string beads are easy to make with our colorful bakers twine , and once it is wound into cute twine balls they remind us of a knitting project with pretty balls of yarn- but that you can wear anywhere to show your creative side!

The string beads can be made any number of sizes and in a wide variety of colors, so no matter what your style is you will be able to make a creative piece of knotted string jewelry that you will love! A monochrome palette could add a touch of sophistication to the DIY charm of this string necklace. Or go wild with a rainbow of colorful balls of twine! If you really get on a roll, why not make a bracelet to match?

Supplies Needed to make your own String Bead Necklace:

  • bakers twine in an assortment of colors of your choice
  • glue, if needed

knotted necklace materials

Step One:
Fold your twine back on itself a few times, then begin to wrap twine around it, turning slightly to keep the wrapping as even as possible. Continue wrap until your twine ball is the size of bead that you would like for your necklace.  Ours ranged from 1 to 1.5 inches. Finish by tucking the tail of the twine under one of the other pints where the string was wrapped around. At any point during your wrapping, if you are having trouble getting your twine to stay put feel free to use a small dot of glue in a discreet place to keep your ball securely wrapped. We had good luck with hot glue, but if you are doing this project with little ones white glue should work also.
necklace knot tyingstring necklace knot make twine necklace diy yarn balls
Step Two:
Continue to make balls as above. Once you have a few balls of yarn rolled up, you can begin to knot them together.  Start by threading a bit of twine under one of the loops of your twine ball. Tie a knot to secure your twine in place.  Place a dot of glue under your knot if you are worried about your ball being tugged and unraveling.
  knotted string necklace
Step Three:
Continue tying the string into knots. You may want to experiment with different knots- a row of square knots will look very different than a row of overhand knots. Continue until you are happy with the amount of string between your beads, and connect bead with another knot through one of the wound strings of your yarn ball.
how to make a knotted necklace knotted necklace diy
Step Four:
Trim the ends of your knot, again securing under the knot with glue if needed.
knotted necklace tutorial
Step Five:
Continue connecting your beads with knotted string until you reach the length that you would like for the knotted and beaded portion of your necklace.
string bead necklace
Finish by tying one more length of twine to each bead on the end of your necklace.
 string necklace knots
We decided to leave the ends of our necklace loose, but if you would like to finish with more knots- or even add another sting so you can finish with a braid, that is entirely up to you! Add your own personal touches to really make this twine necklace your own!
how to make a string necklace
We wanted our necklace to be a tie-on necklace style, but if you are looking for something different we do offer a variety of toggle clasps that you could choose to finish your knotted string necklace.
how to tie knots for necklaces
The fun doesn’t need to end there! If you like this method, why not experiment with mohair or jute? Different thicknesses of yarn or varied amounts of string could really lead to even more unique jewelry styles! Will you try rolling up your own beads to make a string bead necklace? We would love to hear from you if you do!


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