Tassel Garland Banner Tutorial


Ribbon Tassel Garland Banner BuntingThere is nothing we at My Sunshine Shoppe love more than a baby photo shoot. There’s the the outfits, the accessories, the adorable little baby (duh!), and the inspiration for our latest project: the props. Finding the right props to fit the colors and theme of your photo shoot can be a time consuming process, but don’t fret! We have come up with a fantastic solution that is fun, simple and won’t break the bank. What is this wonder prop? We have 3 words for you: Tassel Garland Banner.

Unlike similar tassel garlands that are made from tissue paper these are made of ribbon so they will last much longer and can be re-purposed as baby room decor or party decorations after your photo shoot.

Supplies needed to create your own Tassel Garland Banner:

Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
A Variety of Ribbon and/or Elastic

Step 1:
Gather your ribbon and/or elastic.
For the Ribbon Tassel Garland in our photographs we chose 13 strands of 5/8″ Printed Fold-Over Elastic, 3/8″ Glitter Ribbon and 3/8″ Grosgrain Ribbon in a variety of colors. You may use fewer or more strands if a thicker or thinner end product is desired.

Tassel Garland

Step 2:
Cut a length of each color of ribbon/elastic. We chose to cut 18″ of each color. You can make the tassels as long or as short as you want, they can even be various lengths. Note that the length of ribbon/elastic will be folded in half so if you choose to cut 18″ strands the end result will be a 9″ tassel.

Ribbon Bunting

Step 3: (Optional)
Cut the ends of each strand at an angle if desired.
To avoid fraying you can lightly singe the end of the ribbon/elastic with a lighter. Hold the ends close to the flame, but do not touch the flame directly to the material. The heat from the close proximity to the flame will be enough to slightly melt the ends and seal them.

How To Ribbon Tassel Banner

Step 4:
Fold a strand in half to find the center. Place a small dot of hot glue on the center line and place another strand across it so that the centers are glued together and you have created a ribbon X.

Make Your Own Tassel Banner
Continue to glue the centers of the ribbons together in a starburst pattern until all of your strands are glued.

Tassel Garland Photo Prop

Step 5:
Once the glue has cooled you can pick up your ribbon starburst and bunch up the top so that it looks like you are holding a very colorful octopus.

DIY Bunting

Step 6:
Continuing to hold your “octopus” tightly, you will make the loop for the tassel to be strung onto the garland. We cut a 2″ piece of Antique White 3/8″ ribbon for this, but you may have to adjust the length depending on the thickness of your tassel. Put a small dot of glue on one side near the top. Glue one end of the ribbon piece to this dot and then glue the other end to the opposite side of the tassel head. These ends do not have to be singed as they will be covered and won’t fray.

Ribbon Tassel Garland

Step 7:
Choose a color of ribbon or elastic that you would like for your tassel “stem”. We chose the same Antique White that we also made our loop with, but you can absolutely choose a different color if you want. The more color the merrier!

To make the stem, and finish your tassel, you will tightly wrap a piece of your chosen ribbon around and around the head of your “octopus” a few times. We glued only about an inch at a time as we went to avoid hot glue gun burns, making a mess, or having the glue cool before the ribbon got wrapped.

DIY Tassel Bunting

When you have the stem wrapped, you can finish the end exactly like you did in step 3.

Step by Step Tassel Garland Tutorial

You now have a finished tassel!

Tassel Bunting

Step 8:
Continue Steps 2-7 until you have as many tassels as you need. We did 10, but wanted to keep going!

Step 9:
Almost done!!!
All that is left is to string your tassels onto a ribbon or elastic thus creating your garland banner. We chose 2 yards of Ivory 1/4″ Elastic for our garland string. Once you string them on by pulling the garland string through the loop at the top of your tassel you can secure the tassel in place with a dot of glue on either side of the elastic inside the loop.

No Sew Tassel Garland
We chose to space our tassels about 4 inches apart, but this is another option that is completely up to you! Play around with spacing before gluing in place to see what looks best.

Make Your Own Tassel Garland

Step 10:
Admire your beautiful handiwork!

Make Your Own Ribbon Tassel

No rugrats needing photographs taken? No worries! DIY ribbon tassel garland banners make great, inexpensive wedding garland, baby shower decorations, home decor, party decorations, Christmas decorations, and more. We even used a pair of singles to DIY tassels for a bicycle handles! We would love to hear your ideas for how else you would use ribbon tassels or tassel garland, please leave us a comment below! Happy Crafting 🙂


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