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thanksgiving place cards to makeEvery year we find ourselves looking for new ideas for Thanksgiving place cards and table decorations.  We are always excited to find a thanksgiving craft that looks great as a centerpiece or place card holder, especially if it is a craft that can be made by kids! Our Thanksgiving Table Decoration Ideas fit that bill- and they can be made well in advance so that you won’t have any last minute decorating worries!

Our ideas for thanksgiving decorations came from the idea to make our own mini pilgrim hats, because everything is cuter when it is miniature right? Once you have made your pilgrim hat decorations, you can use them right side up as a place card holder or turn them upside down to hold crayons or markers as the centerpiece for the kids table! We even made a few simple flower pens for a new take on a classic flower centerpiece,

Supplies Needed to Make Your Own Thanksgiving Decorations:

thanksgiving table materials
Begin by wrapping the base of your hat with your choice of corresponding or seasonally themed elastic. A black velvet band looks traditional, while a black glitter elastic band would be a playful take on the traditional. Below we went with a brown hat with a maroon and gold foil elastic so our pilgrim hat had a rustic fall color scheme. Secure your elastic in place with glue.
inexpensive thanksgiving table decorations
Next, cut your felt circle into a square with a square removed from the center to make the shape of a big gold buckle for your tophat.  If you are going for a bit more bling in your tablescape you could always add a square rhinestone slider or pearl slider as your buckle.
thanksgiving crafts table decorations
Secure your buckle in place with glue.
thanksgiving table decorations ideas
Add embellishments as desired.
thanksgiving crafts place cards
At this point you could add a name plate to the buckle, band or the flower on your hat and they could be a complete decoration as is! They would look especially festive nestled in with some miniature pumpkins and fresh seasonal fruit, like pears or apples.
easy thanksgiving table decorations
Alternatively, if you are looking for the centerpiece for a kids table or if you want to add an element to your table that makes it kid friendly, try turning the hats upside down and filling them with crayons or washable markers. Cover the table in butcher block paper, brown craft paper, or even cut art-project friendly placemats out of brown shopping bags! That way, kids big and small can color to their hearts content while they are waiting for the turkey to be served.
easy thanksgiving table decorations kids easy thanksgiving table settings
If you would like to take your pilgrim hat thanksgiving table decorations in a different direction, you can glue two halves of an autumnal fabric flower to the top of a small dowel or wooden skewer.
inexpensive thanksgiving table decorations thanksgiving table decorations ideas
We then added felt leaves and wrapped the base in our green jute thread.  At that point, the flower was perfect to add a hand drawn name card to so that is would be an adorable thanksgiving dinner place card.
thanksgiving table settings ideas
We held our flower in place in our thanksgiving table decoration with extra flowers that we will reuse later, but in the past we have used beads to hold things in place. Dried beans or lentils would also do the trick and fit a fall color palette!
thanksgiving centerpieces ideas thanksgiving table decorations for kids
If you would like your floral arrangement centerpiece to double as writing utensils- perhaps for a post dinner game of scrabble or a family crossword puzzle- then simply wrap a pen in either a decorative elastic or jute thread. Once at the top of the pen, trim your elastic and glue the top of your pen to the felt circle backing of one fabric flower.
simple thanksgiving table decorations ideas thanksgiving table decorations to make
Glue a second fabric flower to the other side so that the top of the pen is sandwiched between the two flowers. Add a place card if desired, or bunch a few together for a centerpiece decoration.
thanksgiving place cards
Repeat for as many thanksgiving place cards or centerpieces that you need!
thanksgiving crafts to make
Hopefully these have inspired you with some fun and festive Thanksgiving table decoration ideas! You could even use the pens or markers to have everyone at the table write down what they are thankful for, which always makes for a memorable holiday! Does your family have any thanksgiving traditions? let us know in the comments below!


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