The “What Can I Make With A Mason Jar” contest!


mason jar christmas crafts   It was time to have another contest here at My Sunshine Shoppe, so we turned to everyone’s favorite kitchen item as a creative craft supply stand in. We all know that mason jars are great for pickles, jams and even layered salads for packing your lunch- but we were looking for crafty ways to use a mason jar! So out of that idea the The “What Can I Make With A Mason Jar” contest was born!

Most of our crafts this go around seemed to really embrace the fall season, which was a lot of fun! We had a lot of fall inspired mason jar craft ideas floating around. We might even need to revisit this idea in spring or summer to see how differently that influences our crafty jar ideas! What do you think? Don’t forget- after you take a look at the mason jar craft ideas below, make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom and vote for your very favorite!

Our first mason jar craft was obviously inspired by fall- from the decorative burlap flowers and shabby flowers to the candy corn button nose!  This little scarecrow gets his smile from our tiny pearl string beads, and his signature hair-do is a curly ostrich feather puff!  How cute! Even his orange mini top hat is topped with a watchful owl button. He is the perfect little lookout for fall, from his orange daisy eyes to his sequin tuxedo bowtie!
what can i make with mason jars
Up next is a pretty candle holder for fall. Our antique owl elastic wraps the top and provides a pretty backdrop for a glittery owl embellishment resting on a satin dahlia!  The mason jar is lined with a fun blue glitter that comes alive when a candle is placed inside!
pictures of crafty things to do with mason jars

The next glass jar craft idea combines funky diamond shaped wall art with a fun vase to hold beautiful fabric flowers for fall! These fall fabric flowers were made with our velvet spike flower,  multicolored harper flower, and a vintage style embellishment. We just love how they play off the acorns painted gold! 
ball jar crafts
Our next mason jar craft idea is a combination of wall art and tea light holder! The base of the mason jar was wrapped with  fall colored fold over elastic and an accent of glitter elastic.  A loop of jute thread suspends the jar from a hook so that it can hang high and shine bright!
creative things to do with mason jars
Keeping with the wall art theme, our next mason jar craft really took the fall spirit and ran with it! A red satin dahlia and the golden shabby flowers really set the tone to welcome the season!

mason jar craft ideas
Our last idea for things to make with a mason jar is a decorative pedestal candy jar! The jar is decorated with a burlap flower, and the toy animal is of course wearing a tiny bow tie made from a mini glitter bow for the festive occasion.
what can you make with a mason jarcool things to put in mason jars

So now that you have seen what we made with our jars, it is time to let us know. What was your favorite? What would you like to make with a mason jar?

Which was your favorite mason jar craft idea?

Be sure to leave our crafters some feedback! Let us know what you loved or if you had any questions on how their creations came together! We hope you were inspired by the “What Can I Make With A Mason Jar” contest! Will you be turning your mason jars into anything? Let us know in the comments below!


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