Toddler and Baby Christmas Outfits


Although the Christmas season is still five months away, if you are in search of your baby’s first Christmas outfit or an outfit for your toddler this winter, check out these two fun festive holiday outfits for kids! For our Christmas in July celebration, we have paired together matching Christmas inspired clothing options for your children to rock this winter, all while looking fabulous.

These two Christmas outfits work great for family or newborn photo shoots in the winter time as well as holiday parties at school, daycare, or just to wear at home during the holidays! You can mix and match the items from the two different outfits together to create your own unique look, or search our online shop for even more holiday inspired options.

Look #1:

Toddler Christmas Outfit

Look #2:

Baby Christmas Outfit

With over 12 holiday inspired leg warmers, 10 different Christmas bloomers, seven winter DIY chucky necklace kit options, and endless options in all categories for making DIY headbands, mini top hats, and hair accessory clips, the possibilities are never-ending for creating fun and festive holiday looks for your newborn babies or older kids this Christmas! The legwarmers are sure to keep those little children’s legs warm in the winter time and our crochet head wraps and our flower head wraps are great for keeping ears warm! The knitted head wraps are adjustable and they fit ages 2 all the way up to adults. They are great for winter birthday gifts or Christmas gifts, and they are awesome for wearing when your hair is up in a ponytail.

Remember to check back often, during the entire month, for new creative blogs, specials, and discounts during our Christmas in July promotion. For our sale on ALL hair feathers, simply use the code: FEATHER20 at checkout to redeem a 20% discount on all DIY hair feathers. This code expires July 8th, 2014 at 11:59pm CST! And don’t forget about FREE SHIPPING during this July with all purchases over $50.00 as our Christmas in July gift to you!


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