Top 3 New Ways to Wear Headbands


new ways to wear headbandsWhen you are as into headbands as we are, you re always looking for new ways to wear headbands. A few cute headbands can really rescue you from a hair rut rut! So to help you shake things up, we wanted to share our Top 3 New Ways to Wear Headbands! All three of these are easy to master, and will have you looking great in no time flat! The only thing better than trying out a new hairstyle, is mastering it quickly so you can move onto other things!

We used elastic headbands from our premade custom headbands as the base for our headband hair-dos, but you could also look back through our DIY headband tutorials in the DIY hair accessory section if you need a bit of inspiration for unique headbands to make yourself. The no sew lace headband and mini flower fairy headband (because who doesn’t love a tiny flower crown?) tutorials are great places to start for inspiration.

Our first look is also the easiest. It is a great way to wear headbands for short hair, but it also looks fabulous for long hair. It can look great with thin elastic headbands, or with chunky statement headbands! It is so simple and laid back that we are just calling this style of wearing your headband “The Bohemian Look” or “The Hippie Headband”.ways to wear headbands with short hairSlide your elastic headband onto your hair but instead of propping it up on your crown, leave it low on your forehead . You can also wear it slightly higher, along your hairline. That is a great look for those bold statement headbands we were talking about. You can wear the back of your headband either over or under your hair, but either way you will look laid-back and carefree.

The next look is a fun way to amp up the bohemian look if you are ready to try a different way to wear your headband. Simply tuck pieces of your hair back into the headband, and continue wrapping and tucking, until you can tuck the ends of your hair into the back.

cute ways to wear headbands with straight hairIf you have fine hair, you may need to use a few bobby pins to keep everything securely in place.

different ways to wear headbandsThis is a great way to keep your hair off your neck but look a bit more special than your everyday ponytail or bun.

how to wear headbands with curly hairDepending on the headband you use this look could be very casual or very dressy. This would even be a great look for a flapper costume if paired with a feather headband.

Our last look is another cute way to wear your hair up with a headband. Although it is simple, it is a chic & easy way to take your boring bun to the next level. Simply throw your hair up in a bun in whatever way you prefer, then wrap  a headband around it a few times!

ways to wear headbands long hairStart wrapping with the back of the headband, so the most decorative part of your headband will end up on top.

cute ways to wear headbands with hair upAs a little bonus we thought we would throw in how much we love wearing headbands on our wrist- they often end up being useful, and they look just so darn pretty while they are waiting in the wings!

how to put on a stretchy headbandSo that is the round up of our top 3 new ways to wear headbands (plus a bonus tip!) so now we want to hear from you! What is your favorite way to wear an elastic headband? Do you have any unique tips for styling hair using a hard headband? If we are missing any cool ways to wear headbands, let us know what we should include next time!


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