Tulle Puff Headband


how to make a tulle puff headbandAs you may already know, we love TULLE around here, and we really love making tulle into adorable decorative puffs! We will never get sick of making piles of tulle puffs to hang from the ceilings and furniture for wedding decorations, birthday decorations, or “we are having a party just because” decorations. But the tulle fun doesn’t need to stop there! We are big fans of the no-sew tulle tutu – if you haven’t made one of these you definitely should- it could not be any easier or more fun! So in the same vein, we thought it would be a lot of fun to make a Tulle Puff headband as a no sew hair accessory to go along with it! They can of course be worn apart, but we think they would be extra fun together!

This tulle puff headband tutorial is the perfect item to whip up quickly for a fun fairy costume if it is time to play dress up, but with the addition of a rhinestone or flower accessory this headband could easily be dressed up! We think that this tulle headband is adorable for anything- it would look great with a summery dress for a day in the park, but it could also be the perfect flower girl headband! With a stretchy headband as the base, it could even be a cute baptism headband! There are so many possibilities for this easy DIY project, we hope you give it a try!

Supplies Needed To Make a Tulle Puff Headband: 

To get started you will need to resize then print the Pom Template. We made ours about 4 inches large, but how large you want to make your pom is entirely a personal choice. Do you want your tulle puff to be a large fashion statement, or to be a smaller, easy to wear hair piece? It is entirely up to you and your personal taste! The width of your template will be the diameter of your finished puff (it might be slightly smaller after you have trimmed it). Trace your paper pom template onto a piece of cardstock or cardboard and trim to size.

how to make a tulle puff headband

Step Two:

Wrap the free end of your tulle around the cardboard template, keeping the tulle as free from bunches as you can. Continue to wrap until you have gone at least 8 or ten times- if you are doing a larger puff you will want to add 2 wraps around your template for each extra inch. Once You have finished wrapping, leave a long tail.

tulle headband DIY

Step Three:

Feed the long tail of tulle between the cardboard and the wrapped tulle.

no sew tulle puff hair accessory


Step Four:

Wrap the tail back on itself to tie it in a knot at the base of the template.

tulle puff hair accessory


Step Five:

Holding on to the know you just created with one hand, slide your scissors along the long rounded edge of the template, cutting the tulle in half at the top.

no sew tulle puff headband

Step Six:

Once you remove the template, tighten the knot and begin to fluff your tulle.

flower girl headband


Step Seven:

After fluffing, trim your puff as necessary, leaving the long tails intact.

tulle flower girl headband

Step Eight:

Tie your puff to your headband using the long tails. Once we were happy with the placement, we secured with a dot of hot glue to keep the knots from sliding or coming untied.

tulle fairy headband

Step Nine:

At this point, you have an adorable and wearable headband, ready to hit the town! However, if you would like to embellish your headband even more, we encourage it!

DIY flower girl headband


Our finished headband has two tulle puffs tied to the headband to give it a fuller, fluffier look. If you would like, feel free to add rhinestone embellishments to up the glam factor! If you are going for a different look, this same style of headband would also look great with a stretchy lace headband as a base.  With white stretch lace as the base with would even be a perfect first communion headband or perfect for a baby’s first photoshoot! We hope you decide to make a tulle puff headband, we know you won’t be disappointed!





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