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tulle pomIf you have ever made pom poms, you know how easy it can be to whip up a fluffy bit of fun to accessorize any project.  Even if you are new to the world of pom making, give our Tulle Puff Tutorial a try to find out just how easy it can be! It is not hard at all to get started- once you have tulle, a scissors and some thick cardstock or cardboard you will be off and running! You don’t even need to draw a circle- we have provided a template to take out the guesswork. What could be easier?

Our favorite way to change the look of any room for a special event and add some splashes color is with cotluster of hanging tulle puffs. This pom tutorial can also be adapted to use the tulle poms strung onto a string to make a tulle puff garland. But the fun does not need to end there! Add a small pom to the end of a ribbon wrapped wand to make a tulle puff fairy wand! You can even cluster a large amount of tulle poms together to make a beautiful photo backdrop! These versatile decorations can jazz up an event.


Supplies Needed:

tulle puff template

Step 1:

First you will need to decide how large you would like your finished puff to be and adjust the size of the Pom Template accordingly. We like the look of layered sizes of puffs and will print one template 10 be approximately 10 or so inches, another approximately 8 inches and the last template around 5 inches, in order to make multiple sizes of puffs. Cut these from a stiff cardboard or cardstock that will stand up to being wrapped with tulle.  Start the end of your roll of tulle at the top of your template and hold with one hand, while using the other hand to run the tulle to the bottom and wrap to the back of your form.

tulle puff tutorial

Step 2:

Continue to wrap the tulle around your template. As a rule of thumb, you will want to wrap twice as many times around your form as your tulle puff will be wide. So if your form is 8 inches wide you will want to wrap your tulle puff 16 times.

tulle puff how-to

Step 3:

Once you have finished wrapping, cut yourself an extra length of tail, approximately twice the length of the height of the tutorial. It is better to make it a bit too long, since you can always trim it down later. Wrap this tail under the layers of wrapped tulle on one side and pull through on the other side. Do not pull too tight, as you will tie this tail to itself once the pom has been cut.

hanging tulle puff how-to


Step 4:

Grasp the tail on either sides of the wrapped tulle in one hand near the center at the bottom of the template. Towards the top of the template, slide your scissors between the layers of tulle and the cardboard.

hanging tulle puff diy

Step 5:

Cut along the curve of the template until you have two halves of tulle on either side of your cardboard template.

hanging tulle puff tutorial

Step 6:

You should still be grasping the length of the tail in your other hand. Tighten this around the center and tie into a knot.

hanging tulle puff tutorial

Step 6:

Trim the tail if necessary, and fluff the tulle into a round shape.

tulle poms

Step 6:
Repeat with multiple colors and sizes of tulle until you have reached your desired amount. If you wil be hanging your tulle puffs, simply tie a length of fishing wire to one of the corners of tulle.

hanging tulle puffs diy

If you are still left wondering exactly how we were able to reach these results, check out our Tulle Puff Tutorial video below:

We have a “more is more” love affair with everything fluffy and tulle, but that especially goes for these hanging tulle puffs. They are a great decoration for both indoor and outdoor weddings, but they are also easy and fun enough to decorate a bridal shower, baby shower, birthday party or any other special day. An abundance of tulle puffs is sure to put a smile on the face of your guests, regardless of the occasion.


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