Twisted Lace Headwrap Tutorial


Need a time efficient, easy arts and crafts headband project to do at home? This twisted turban headband tutorial is not only a simple fashion project, but it results in a beautiful twist head wrap that you can wear for any occasion! The turban style twist of these DIY lace headbands allow you to wear this hair accessory in many different ways. Start with two inch lace, or one inch lace for a completely different result. If you choose the two inch lace, as shown in this head wrap tutorial, you can wear it thin or wide. Simply slip on this inexpensive headband for a fun look that can be worn to dressy occasions like weddings, or just for an updated every day look.

Twisted Turban Headband Supplies needed:

Step 1:

Cut stretch lace down to size. To figure out approximate size needed, fold the yard of lace in half and wrap around your head. Cut any excess off. Remember, the lace is stretchy but will be sewn together resulting in about 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch overlap.

Step 2:

DIY lace twist turban head wrapFold your single piece of lace in half. Line up the ends and cut through to give you two separate 18 inch strips. Then, fold the lace strips in half again. You will have four open ends of cut lace matched up together.



DIY lace twist turban head wrap twisted turban headband tutorial

Step 3:

Make sure all ends are lined up as best you can and cut across them to give a smooth, finished look.

DIY lace twist turban head wrap DIY lace twist turban head wrap

Step 4:

Make an ‘X’ with the two strips of lace. Whichever strip of lace is on the bottom, pull that upwards to create a loop. Then lift, and pull the remaining strip of stretch lace to create a second loop.

twisted lace headband DIY lace twist turban head wrap
diy turban headband tutorial DIY lace twist turban head wrap

Step 5:

While keeping the knot in the middle of the two loops of the lace, fold the lace so that all ends are matched up EXACTLY together.

DIY lace twist turban head wrap twisted turban headband tutorial

Step 6:

Using a sewing machine, or with a needle and thread, run a line down the four open ends of the lace approximately 1/4 inch in. Doing this will result in your beautiful DIY twist turban head wrap!

DIY lace twist turban head wrap DIY lace twist turban head wrap
DIY lace twist turban head wrap DIY lace twist turban head wrap

With over 27 color options available in both our one inch and two inch lace, you can make a color option that should fit any outfit! If you want a more colorful, festive look – mix and match the two pieces of lace to create a two-toned twist headband!

DIY lace twist turban DIY lace twist turban head wrap

Soft to the touch, these DIY twist lace head wraps can not only be worn on adults and children, but also on babies! Comfortable for all day wear, they also make great, inexpensive gifts! Have a little girl’s birthday party coming up and want to make DIY party favors for the girls? Try making these cheap twisted headbands in a variety of colors to give out. They can also be a super cute additional to gift wrapping – simply slip it on the box as a bow and it can be taken off to be worn as a hair accessory. Want to take it up a notch? Embellish these lace hair accessories by simply hot gluing any embellishments, such as metal rhinestone buttons or craft flowers, directly onto the lace! Taking only a couple minutes to make and costing only about $1.00 EACH, these adorable DIY lace twisted headbands cannot make a craft project at home or a better homemade gift! We hope you enjoyed this twisted turban headband tutorial.


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