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gift ideas knitters and crochetersIf you have any knitters in your life, then you know what fabulous gift givers they are! So if someone in your life is thoughtful enough to put hours into handmade gifts, or even if they are just big yarn lovers, then you are probably always on the hunt for Unique Gifts for Knitters! While knitters always want more yarn, it can be nice to break out of the box and give them something different- especially something thoughtfully handmade by you, to show your thoughtful side as well! We will show you how to make these super cute little “yarn balls” with mini ‘knitting needles” stuck inside the ball of yarn. This can be used as a decorative embellishment on a handmade gift, or even makes a cute addition to a gift tag for a knitter.

We think that these tiny balls of yarn are just the cutest thing! Add them to a hair clip or a brooch to make a fun statement piece that will show off the playful side of the knitter in your life!  The would look adorable clipped onto a project tote bag with either a brooch pin or a shoe clip to avoid poking holes in the tote bag. We used bakers twine  to make our “yarn balls” because we thought it looked like a bold and cartoony yarn, but if you are interested in a softer look we have a beautiful selection of mohair yarn that would make the prettiest, soft ball of yarn for your handmade gift. We also carry a wide variety of colors of jute string, if you are going for a bold but natural look.

Supplies Needed to Make Gifts For Knitters and Yarn Lovers:

unique gifts knitters
Step One:
Begin by overlapping your skewers close to the pointy end, and begin to wrap your twine or string around the point where they cross.  If needed, use a small amount of glue to hold the string in place.
gift ideas knitters

Continue to wrap, changing the direction that your string wraps so that it begins to form an even ball. Once your ball has reached the desired size, loop the end of your string through other pieces of string on the ball, and trim leaving a cute yarn tail hanging.
gift ideas knittersgreat gifts knitters
Step Two:
Trim the excess from your skewers. We used a wire cutter, but an old scissors would work  to score the skewer and make it very easy for you to snap your skewer off in just the right spot. Either way, please be careful and use protective eyeware. Our skewers were very soft and cut with no issue, but you can never be too careful!
gift ideas for knitters good gifts for knitters
Step Four:
Hot glue each bead to the cut end of your “knitting needle.” If some extra glue oozes from underneath, use the leftover end of the skewer to clean it away.
unusual gifts for knitters
Now that your cute mini yarn ball is complete, you can use it to accessorize a cute brooch, hair clip or whatever you can dream up! We ecen like how they look tied with a little string to be a gift topper or mini ornament.
gift ideas knitters
To create the base for a brooch or hair clip, overlap two felt circles and secure with hot glue. Layer your selected flowers in place and secure with hot glue. Add a brooch or alligator clip to the back, securing in place with another felt circle if necessary,
knitting gift tagsgift ideas knitters

unique gifts for knitterschristmas gifts for knitters
Now add your mini yarn ball to top off your knitting accessory!
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There are an endless amount of styles of yarn ball that you could make by mixing up the string, or even painting the skewers and changing up the look of the knitting needle.
gifts for knitters cool gifts for knitters
What do you think? Do you have someone in your life who deserves a unique gift for knitters? Or  do you need to accessorize your own project bag or blazer? We would love to hear what you think in the comments below!


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