Valentine’s Day Gift – February Ombré Calender


February is quickly approaching and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Do you need a Valentine’s Day gift idea or an easy DIY craft project to do at home? This ombré calender is a great arts and crafts project you can do at home, and even include the kids! Use it as a home decorating piece, a calender for your work office, or to give as a Valentine’s day gift idea for him or to that someone special. Ombré seems to be very popular as it is everywhere lately, including in women’s hair styles and nail art, so why not make it into a fun Valentine’s Day project?!

Supplies needed:

Homemade Valentine's Day Gifts

Step 1:

Print out your calender template on white paper – using a thicker paper like cardstock works best! That way your heart embellishments have a higher quality paper that is a bit stronger and sturdier to adhere to.

diy valentine's day decoration ideas

Step 2:

Using a hot glue gun, or a stronger glue stick, simply take one heart at a time and add a dab of glue. Then quickly and carefully place it down on the paper, lining it up with each of the faint grey lines. Each color of the flat back hearts will be used for two rows. Continue this until each heart embellisment is secured to your cardstock calender. We glued the very last red heart on the 14th… that way, if you give this as a homemade Valentine’s Day gift for him, he is sure to remember which day is Valentine’s Day – because we all know how men can easily forget!

Homemade DIY Valentine's Day Gifts diy valentine's day gifts for him

Step 3:

If you wish to frame it, to give your Valentine’s day gift a nice finished look, be sure to first remove the glass so that your ombré 3D hearts can stick out. Place your 8.5 x 11 calender in and, then, depending on the frame you chose, you may be able to put the glass back in, if you wish, or just leave it out so that the calender remains exposed. Framing it not only gives it a beautiful finished quality but it makes it a nice addition to be able to stand your DIY calender craft up on a table, desk, or mantel or to be able to hang it on the wall. Of course, you could always hang it with a thumbtack or a photo clip.

diy valentine's day gifts for him diy valentine's day decoration ideas
Easy DIY Valentine's Day CraftThe great thing about this cute Valentine’s Day DIY craft is that it can be edited and changed to fit any month! Edit this easy DIY craft tutorial a bit and make your own calender to use it all year round with your own creations to match the month. For example, you could make a christmas tree or snowflake out of holiday buttons for December and January, bats and pumpkin buttons for October, or flowers for May. The list goes on a on. Make specific days stand out for birthdays or holidays if you give as a gift, or include the heart embellishment over a special anniversary. What month will you choose to tackle first? What will you be giving this DIY project for: this Valentine’s Day, a birthday, Christmas gift, or anniversary? The great thing about this homemade calender decoration idea is that anyone is sure to love it – a boss, a loved one, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, mother, father, etc. It is really a nice gender neutral DIY project to gift and looks great in any setting!  We hope you will enjoy creating your very own simple and inexpensive ombré calender.


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