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 woven elastic headbandWe have such fond memories of making friendship bracelets. It was one of our favorite ways to pass those long summer days! So today we are going to use one of those weaving methods from our past in a new and fun way. First, we will use a scrap of cardboard to make an easy DIY loom. Then we will learn the simple method to weaving long beautiful strands into a fun and stretchy DIY woven headband!

If this weaving method is used with jute or twine, it can be used to make a beautiful bracelet or necklace, but we think it really becomes a fun project when you use our skinny 1/8th inch elastic! Now you have the fun and intricate weaving from your loom, but still with all the stretchy properties of elastic! They will still look lovely as stretchy bracelets that you can easily take on and off, but they would also look great as an extra grippy headband that will not slide out of place!

Materials Needed to Make Your Own Woven Headband:

  • 7 strands of  skinny 1/8th inch elastic cut to at least 24 inch lengths for a headband (we used 7 different colors to get a fun variety- this is a great use for our sample pack– but this style of braid also looks great with a few repeating colors)
  • 2 inch scrap of 5/8 inch fold over elastic 
  • hot glue and a lighter
  • scrap of cardboard (our carboard was very thin so we actually doubled it over and hot glued it together before cutting the side slices of the loom- it ended up working really well)

Step One:

Draw a circle onto your cardboard that is at least 2 inches wide. We traced the lid from a coffee cup for ours. Draw segments onto your circle that divide it into 8 pieces that a fairly even (but they do not need to be perfect). Cut along these segments and punch a hole in the center of your circle.

woven headband patterns how to make elastic headband

Step Two:

Tie the ends of your elastic into a big knot- you want this loose enough to easily be untied later.  Feed the loose ends of your elastic through the center hole in the circle.

diy elastic headband  woven headband tutorial

Step Three:

Turn your cardboard loom over and thread each of the seven elastic threads into one of the cut spaces in your circle. There will be one empty “leg” of your loom. You will want to get into the habit of turning this empty spot to the top of the loom. Now count over to the right- you will skip two spaces and grab the string from the third space to the right (in this case a cream elastic) and thread that onto the empty space at the top of your loom.

diy woven elastic headband how to make a woven headband

Step Four:

Now turn your loom so that the empty space is at the top of your circle. Again grab the elastic that is in the third spot to the right (in this case a light pink) and pull it out and feed it into the spot at the top of the circle. Keep in mind that you do not want the elastic to be loose in this process (it will look lumpy and uneven) but you also do not want it to be pulled to taught, or there won’t be any stretch left for your headband later! The thing we found easiest to maintain an even pull on the elastic was to press our left thumb into the center of the circle while we pulled the elastic over and into place with our right hand.  You will probably experiment and find your own way to make it look great!

woven headband instructions braided woven headband instructions

Step Five:

As you continue weaving your strands of elastic and turning them, eventually your woven strand will start to develop below your loom.  If your hole is too small you may need to push the woven portion through every once and awhile.

diy elastic headband measurements

Step Six:

Continue to weave until your headband is the right length- if you have questions regarding headband sizes you can consult our headband measurements blog post. Once you have removed your woven elastic from the loom, secure the cords with a dot of hot glue. Untie the knot from the other end and secure those strands with hot glue as well. Trim the excess ends, making sure to leave enough allowance for an overlap. For example, we were making an 18 inch headband for an adult, so we trimmed our headband to be 18.5 inches. Once the ends overlap it will turn out to be the perfect size.

woven headband instructions how to make a woven headband

Step Seven:

Singe the ends of the 2 inch remnant piece with your lighter so that they will not unravel. Lay one end of your headband in the center, secure with hot glue. Overlap the second end and secure with hot glue.  Wrap the end of the 5/8 inch elastic around the ends of your headband and secure in place with hot glue.

woven headband patterns braided woven headband instructions finish woven headband woven headband instructions

That is all there is to it!

diy woven headband

We hope you have enjoyed this Braided Woven Headband Tutorial! We are always trying to think of new and fun ways to use our beautiful variety of stretch elastics, and we think this fits the bill.  Let us know if you give it a try- we would love to hear what you think and see how your projects turn out!


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