Yarn Necklace Tutorial


yarn necklace tutorialSoft and fuzzy are not normally words that you would associate with jewelry, but we have put together a fun project that just might change that! This Yarn Necklace Tutorial is so simple to pull together, and you will have a beautiful, lightweight necklace that can easily be customized to suit your personal style.

For our yarn necklace project we selected a few shades of our mohair yarn. It has a soft delicate quality, while still being strong and versatile. It looks beautiful in tie on headbands, scarves, and other knit or crocheted projects- so we knew that it would be a great material to use for the perfect knotted and braided necklace that we had in mind.

Materials Needed to Make Your Own Yarn Necklace:

  • 5 yards of mohair in 4 or more colors, or 20 yards of one or more colors, plus another few yards to finish
  • toggle clasp set (optional)

make yarn necklace

Step One:

Measure the length that you would like the knotted and braided portion of your necklace to be and multiply this number by 3. We wanted our decorative knotting and braiding to be 12 inches long, so we started with lengths of mohair that were one yard long. Measure out enough pieces that your necklace will have as much weight and thickness as you would like. We used 5 strands each of 5 colors, but you might want to use more strands if you are looking for a bulkier necklace. Once your pieces are cut to length, tie an overhand knot at one end, leaving yourself approximately 2 inches of tail above the knot to work with later.knotted necklace tutorial
Step Two:
Continue making overhand knots. If your knot is not large enough you can untie it and add more yarn, or make each overhand knot a double knot. We made knots for 1/3 the length of the necklace but that is entire;y up to you- make as many or as few knots as you would like.
how to make knotted necklace knotted bead necklace
Step Three:
Once you are done knotting, divide your yarn. We wanted 4 braids for our necklace, but again the number is completely up to your preference. We were not picky about evenly dividing the number of strands, since the fluffy mohair did not really show whether we had one or two strands in each part of our braid. We wanted our braids to be a bit looser to showcase the fluffy mohair- but if you use more mohair you may like the look of a tighter braid.
knotted necklace diy how to make a knotted necklace
Step Four:
An optional way to finish your braids is to braid three of your strands together. 
hand knotted necklace
Step Five:
Once you have finished your braids, secure the ends with an extra few strands of mohair. Wrap the ends a few times before knotting to make sure it is secure. The amount of tail you leave on this tie will determine how long your necklace will be.  If your knotted and braided portion is as long as you want your necklace, you can use these strands to tie your necklace directly to the toggle clasps. If you would like your necklace longer, Tie a secure knot around the end of your braid  and leave enough of a tail on your strands to extend your necklace.
braided necklace diy
Step Six:
Repeat on the other side. We made this knot an inch above our decorative knots because we liked the look of the “plain” mohair in between the two knots. If your ends are really uneven and messy like ours you may want to trim them.
braided necklacehow to make braided necklace
Step Seven:
Tie each end of your toggle clasp to one of the tail ends of your necklace. Optionally, you could make this tail longer if you prefer the look of a tie on necklace.
braided necklace tutorial
Now you have a lovely piece of soft, lightweight jewelry that looks beautiful both with a plain t-shirt or a special dress for a night out! We hope you have enjoyed this yarn necklace tutorial, and would love to hear feedback from you! Would you wear a knotted or braided yarn necklace? Or do you have other plans for a bundle of mohair yarn? We would love to hear about it!


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